When he came to the hall, Mu Zhao strode away without saying a word, and Li Feng hurried to keep up.

He found that the little daughter-in-law was becoming more and more lovely, especially when she was jealous. She looked like a jealous jar. Li Siyu didn\’t bother to pay attention to him. The more he paid attention to him, the less serious he was. The two walked in a big circle. Li Siyu thought there was nothing to buy, so he chose a dark scarf. \”Where\’s my gift?\” Lin Cheng saw that she was leaving with something. What about herself? Li Siyu saw his wronged eyes and said with a smile, \”I don\’t want to buy you something else. Let\’s see it again.\” she smiled bitterly in her heart. She might as well have come out alone. After walking for most of the day, she was almost tired to death. After another round, Li Siyu bought him a cotton coat. Once he put on the off white one, the whole person changed. Li Siyu, my God, where is this best Lin City? Seeing her in a daze, he looked at him with a smile and said \”how to look fascinated\”. He had an evil smile on his face, which seemed to make people blush. Of course, Li Siyu did blush. \”Hurry.\” this man always wears black clothes. Seeing him wearing other colors for the first time brightens people\’s eyes. I have to say that Lincheng looks really good, especially his face is cold, or with a smile and an evil smile. Wow, this person is so. The immortal boyfriend watched Li Siyu all the time on the way back from the changeable forest city. She looked at herself secretly when she was all right, and he found it. Lin Cheng felt for the first time that it was really a good thing to grow well. At least, it could make the little daughter-in-law keep her eyes on herself. Li Siyu looked at his fart and really wanted to beat him. He was handsome. Hum, he didn\’t want to follow his sister. Smelly brother. When I got home, my four nephews each had a scarf. Don\’t mention how happy they were.


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