Shen Ling felt that emperor Chengyuan was really like Liu Xiahui because of what had happened before. Si Hao didn\’t move, so she didn\’t care anymore.

It\’s too wasteful for the old lady to take so much. \”Don\’t take other things. It\’s hard to take more.\” Li Siyu looked at the sack and needed two hands to carry it. The old lady can\’t carry too heavy things. That\’s it. \”That\’s all right, little sister. You\’ll have dinner these days.\” Li Siguo thought, don\’t take it. I can\’t take it. \”It\’s all right, I don\’t care.\” Li Siyu thought for a long time and didn\’t have anything else to take. Then he stuffed ten kilograms of noodles and took 50 yuan for the old lady. Looking at a lot of things on the ground, Li Siguo was very uncomfortable. He couldn\’t take it. He needed food from his little sister, and he didn\’t have much ability. \”Brother, mom will ask you later, but you can\’t let mom be wronged. If you are sick, go to the hospital. You should eat and drink. Don\’t save.\” Li Siyu said to him earnestly. Li Siguo nodded hard. He had no other ability. It was OK to take care of the old lady. The three people had noodles in the evening and had a rest. The next morning, the two went to the station by car. When Lin Cheng came in the morning, he just rode a car carrying food to the station. When the old lady settled down, Li Siyu was finished It became a worry. \”You remember to go to my house for dinner at night. I called Liu Chengxue and Peng lingman.\” Li Siyu sat behind the seat of Lincheng and said. Lincheng was stunned, thinking that she was leaving, and didn\’t want to hide her relationship in front of her colleagues. \”OK.\” He picked up the corners of his mouth and liked the feeling of being introduced to others by his little daughter-in-law. Back to the municipal administration, group leader Zhou directly called Li Siyu to the office, \”here is your letter of introduction, and there are some procedures. Remember to put it away. You should work hard when you go to the north, and you can\’t live up to the expectations of the leaders.\” Li Siyu solemnly took the file bag and said with a serious expression \”Don\’t worry, leader Zhou. I won\’t lose face to our construction team.\” \”well, study hard. I hope we can work together after you graduate.\” Group leader Zhou nodded and asked her to go back. Remembering the appreciation of the leaders, group leader Zhou was a little confused. Anyway, he would do what the leaders asked him to do. Li Siyu returned to the office and told them not to forget to go to dinner after work. \”Here are my notes and books. We both put together a set of better books for you. When we go to your house in the evening, we\’ll take them.\” Peng lingman has two bundles of books at his feet, which looks like a lot.


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