Sure enough, after waiting for a moment, Mu Zhao came.

She doesn\’t know such a big thing? At that time, Peng lingman was very interested when he saw this article. When he saw that the end of the article said municipal Li Siyu, he didn\’t surprise her. \”I was busy early in the morning and almost forgot to eat. How can I have time to read the newspaper?\” Li Siyu didn\’t care, as if the person who published the newspaper just now was not her. She only cares about herself and almost didn\’t eat? Peng lingman was speechless. He was so excited that he didn\’t panic. Even the dumplings were almost gone. \”You\’re not excited at all.\” Peng lingman looked at her admiringly and said, \”your article is very interesting. Do you think there\’s a rumor?\” \”what rumor?\” Li Siyu looked at her suspiciously and looked at her with a sly smile on her face. Peng lingman thought she was pretending, but there were many people in the canteen. She didn\’t ask in detail, but nodded clearly for dinner. Li Siyu:??? What the hell? After eating and returning to the office, Li Siyu was called to his desk by Secretary Qiu. \”Did you write this article?\” he asked, pointing to the newspaper. Xing Chen asked him just now. He doesn\’t know what\’s going on. Who knows that Li Siyu actually appeared in the newspaper and wrote such an article. Li Siyu looked at the newspaper suspiciously, then nodded, \”I wrote it.\” she was just wondering why Secretary Qiu\’s face was a little black? Doesn\’t he want to get involved in it himself? But this is a place of prominence. She, a little rookie who has made no contribution, must be a cadre with real power after spending two years in the urban construction group. Li Siyu is right. Secretary Qiu really didn\’t expect her to take this step. Originally, he wanted to solve his work and go to the urban construction team. Who knows that Li Siyu will be killed on the way? Looking at the article in her hand, Secretary Qiu had to admit that her idea was really better than her own. Li Siyu really has two brushes. He looked so confused that no one knew what he was thinking. Li Siyu was a little uneasy. Could Secretary Qiu stop him? You don\’t have that much skill, do you? Secretary Qiu did have this idea, but he didn\’t dare to do so. If Li Siyu handed in the article to Secretary Qiu, he would certainly withhold it. But now that the article has been in the newspaper, how should he cut it? It is estimated that Vice Mayor Cao has seen it.


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