Seeing this, Mu Zhao was also stunned. His tight face finally eased.

People are also looking for Gaoyuan, so Li Siyu plans to invite Gaoyuan to have a meal in the near future. Money is given, but friendship still needs to be maintained. After all, no one should owe you or owe you. Why do you say people will do it for you. Li Siyu met Gaoyuan when he paid the workers when he was finished. \”Secretary Gao! Do you have time?\” Li Siyu stopped and looked at him with a smile. Gao Yuan nodded with a smile. \”Secretary Xiao Li is looking for me. Of course I have time, ha ha.\” chapter 96 can whisper that Gao Yuan has worked for Li Siyu recently. It is very clear that she is very generous, so she is willing to help her. Li Siyu smiled. She looked at her watch. It was already five o\’clock in the afternoon. \”I\’ll call my nephew and let\’s go to have some dinner. It\’s no trouble for you for a while.\” it\’s not good for two lonely men and women to go out to dinner alone. After all, he has a wife and has friends himself. So call Li Chengcai, so that no one can say anything. \”Secretary Li invited me to dinner. Don\’t bother me. It\’s a layman to mention this.\” Gaoyuan also had the idea of making deep friends with Li Siyu, so he was willing to help and help each other. Li Siyu was not stingy, so he ordered two meat dishes, a vegetarian dish and a soup. \”A braised spare ribs, sliced meat, fried three shreds, and a shredded radish meatball soup.\” Li Siyu quickly reported the name of the dish. Now there are no meat dishes, that\’s all. So I didn\’t ask Gao Yuan what he likes to eat. Three people eat. This dish is already very high-grade. Gao Yuan listened to Li Siyu\’s order and nodded uncontrollably in his heart.


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