This made the servants of the house feel more and more sympathy for Shen Ling. They just felt that the eldest lady was really a good man.

Then he saw Sima Xiangshan and Fang Yang\’s bodies move and rush out one after another. Their bodies are ethereal and their speed is extremely fast. As you can see, the streamer floats in the air and is dazzling. Only two light tails can be seen flying, and Fang Yang and Sima Xiangshan\’s speed is the fastest, which is difficult to capture by the naked eye. You can only hear the sound of mutual attack one after another, Every time the two light tails fight each other, they shake out a gorgeous brilliance. Under the continuous strong attack, the whole valley is not wrapped by the strength of the fight between the two people, and the wind surges. In a moment, the two have fought more than 100 moves. Sima Xiangshan is more and more angry. With his full efforts, he can\’t defeat the boy in an instant, which is even more unbearable for him I see how long you can stop it!! \” Sima Xiangshan roared and roared again. After Fang Yang\’s body was forced back, his hands were lifted, and countless colorful lights filled the air. The Dragon roared and gathered together on his palm. Under the action of the dragon, the ordinary palm turned into a crystal in an instant. When Fang Yang\’s eyes looked past, he could only see that Sima Xiangshan\’s hands were like crystal glass , the sun shines down, emitting a refracted brilliance. \”Jinglong palm!\” Sima Xiangshan\’s hands crystallized, roared again and clapped down. When he clapped the palm of his hand, it was like Mount Tai\’s suppression. While the dragon power was running in it, the light shining on his palm became more and more bright. One palm came out and blew on his body. Fang Yang only felt that his whole body was tight. The power carried between the palm power of the crystal dragon made him suddenly feel a sense of crisis. He didn\’t dare to be lazy Slow down, you can see this scene. It seems that Sima Xiangshan has been taken seriously. Sima Xiangshan is one of the top ten Dragon Kings and has the title of Crystal Dragon King. His own dragon power must be related to crystal. Naturally, you can\’t take a small look at it at this time. With such a mind, you can see that this crystal dragon palm is patted and Fang Yang\’s wrist trembles, The nine palace sword is suspended in the palm of his hand. With the nine palace sword in hand, Fang Yang\’s momentum increases greatly. The sword will soar into the sky and cut the world with one sword. Dragon and snake!


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