The more I thought about it, the heavy stone that had been pressed on her heart suddenly disappeared, and she felt more comfortable. When she felt comfortable, her appetite increased greatly. Dong\’Er, go and help me get some cakes. she ordered.

It is a blessing in disguise that Fang Yang\’s strength has obviously been greatly improved! Although his rank has not changed, he is still at the level of the unity of heaven and man in the Tianyang realm, but the increase of combat power is definitely not a little. At this time, Fang Yang can be regarded as the existence of a half step immortal. As long as he pierces the last window paper and takes one step, he can trigger the thunder of heaven and earth, harden his body and achieve the body of an immortal. Of course, this step is also the most difficult to take. After Fang Yang came out, he also got the good news from heimu for the first time. \”The original ruins of the black soul tribe have been found!\” there are vast mountains and dense trees. Since the garuo Dynasty was a dynasty built on mountains, it never lacked all kinds of mountains and tall trees, but such lush trees as Fang Yang and others entered at this time are rare. Hundreds of thousands of mountains and millions of forests. After getting the good news from heimu\’s mouth, Fang Yang didn\’t stop for a moment and asked Qi Huofan and others to follow heimu to the deep mountains. During the seven days of Fang Yang\’s retreat and breath regulation, Huofan and others have completely recovered their wounds under self-regulation. During the fierce battle, their strength has improved. Therefore, their state is much better than when they first came. When Fang Yang goes to the ancient ruins of the black soul tribe, the four will naturally follow. In addition to them, heimu also took two black soul people, a total of eight. \”How far do we have to go?\” huofei looked listless. It has been three days since they set out. What they see every day is ancient wood, not to mention people. They haven\’t even met a beast. It\’s really boring. \”It should be coming soon.\” heimu said. \”During this time, I refer to the notes left over from ancient times, and I also look for directions. I refer to many places. The landform here is the closest.\” \”come soon, come soon. You don\’t know how many times you have said this. Can you rely on it?\” huofei shouted angrily. At this time, Fang Yang on one side suddenly said, \”it should be. It\’s really coming.\” \”hmm?\” several people saw Fang Yang\’s body together. If Fang Yang\’s eyes were actually looking in the distance, looking along his eyes, we could see that there was a valley between the mountains. When Fang Yang finished, he took a step and floated out like the wind. He approached the concave position. Seeing this, several people hurriedly followed and followed together. The Party passed through the dense forest and ancient trees and entered the deep mountain. Pop.


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