So he said coldly, so you are the woman who saved the Empress Dowager\’s loyal Hou house and took it back from the countryside.

Fang Yang had this idea in his mind and couldn\’t wait any longer. He moved and rushed directly into the hall. When he was close, he could see the painful color on the warrior\’s face with his own eyes. With brute force, they ferry the Dragon force into their body. The Dragon force breaks the body and is full of flesh and blood. The surge of such majestic force makes them miserable. Bang. Suddenly, a burst of sound came out. A martial artist Fang Yang saw with his own eyes could not bear the dragon\’s power, but his flesh and blood were fried into pieces and became a mass of powder. The blood mist slowly dissipated, and his heart sank. The behavior style of wutianmeng has been so cruel that all the martial artists used for experiments are impressively all the disciples of wutianmeng. They all joined the Wutian League to resist the tyranny of the Longyuan Dynasty. In the end, they ended up in such an end and died in their own hands. \”It\’s time to kill!\” Fang Yang\’s anger surged up on his chest. Especially when he thought that Xin Guihua and Gou Sishui must have received the same treatment here, he was furious immediately. As soon as the blade in his hand turned, he didn\’t care much to sweep directly onto the pile of utensils. Boom. At the edge of the sword, the connected instruments listed were cut off by a sword and burst apart. The guardian disciple of wutianmeng who acted around the utensils screamed and was swept out by the sword Qi. As for the martial artist who was bound and let the utensils force the dragon, his body softened and fainted, but he didn\’t worry about his life. Fang Yang wanted to kill again, but Hong Nanxing couldn\’t see it. He stood in front of him and scolded: \”enough! You\’ve broken into our important land without heavenly alliance. Take your people away quickly. Everything here has been made by consuming the country\’s financial and human resources. There is no loss!\” Fang Yang sneered, \”Is this the secret of your non heavenly alliance? You should use the lives of the disciples in the alliance to do experiments?\” Hong Nanxing said with an iron face. \”You know, we just want to cultivate the strongest combat power. As long as the experiment is completed, the tyranny of overthrowing the Longyuan Dynasty is just around the corner. Before that, some small sacrifices are necessary.\” \”Good one to overthrow the tyranny. I think you have no heavenly alliance more than the tyranny of the Longyuan dynasty!\” Fang Yang said angrily. The spirit moved and felt two familiar smells in the whole hall. Xin Guihua and Gou Sishui! The fire burned under his feet and rushed out in an instant. Before Hong Nanxing could react, Fang Yang had already rushed into the dragon soul hall. Hong Nanxing scolded secretly and was unlucky, so he hurried after him again. Fang Yang locked The smell of Xin Guihua and the two of them hurried away. When they rushed into the inner room, they saw their bodies. In an instrument filled with white light and dragon power, Xin Guihua\’s body had been locked in it. Gou Sishui left it outside and screamed repeatedly. He looked at it pale with tears. Did you start the experiment?


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