He only knew that when his Majesty was still the prince, he suddenly became very disgusted with men and women, but he still didn\’t know the reason.

Fang Yang\’s potential is very strong, but after all, he is too young, and his strength has obvious limitations. Don\’t say he is blocking his thunder punishment. Just because the Emperor Ming wanted to kill his evil Qi, Fang Yang can\’t stop it at this level. That figure was him just now? \”What\’s going on?\” the emperor was stunned. The sword emperor\’s eyes looked at the front quietly, with a calm tone, but with obvious satisfaction: \”the wind and cloud will turn into a dragon in the face of water. This boy has been irrigated in the midst of suffering, and he has soared to the sky!\” as he spoke, the sword emperor was also mixed. At the thought of the previous scene, even if he had the name of the sword emperor, he couldn\’t help feeling deeply. After the sword emperor finished his words, he focused on Fang Yang. At that time, the fierce battle between the emperor of heaven and the emperor of hell came to a critical time, and their mind couldn\’t help leaning there. At this time, Fang Yang\’s body changed. A burst of white sword light enveloped him. The white light was dense. It can be seen that the serious trauma left by Fang Yang began to recover quickly. At the same time, a strong sword idea floated around him. The idea of sword suddenly feels complicated, but if you feel it carefully, you can clearly feel the edge and indomitability of kendo. After that, Fang Yang\’s eyes glowed, and he woke up again. Chapter 669 Dharma phase showed that Fang Yang was awake. At the same time, Tianjun also threw his thunder god Dharma phase into the thunder clouds. The sky was covered with thunder and the thunder punishment roared. Under such influence, the whole yin-yang Liuxian hall was crumbling, and the place it passed was crumbling. Li mubai was badly hurt and could hardly resist the impact of such thunder punishment. When he saw that he was about to turn them all into fly ash, Fang Yang appeared. One sword wrapped everyone in it. His sword seemed to cut a special space, so that the thunder punishment swept through, but it didn\’t affect them. At this time, they can feel the change of Fang Yang. As long as the blade is in hand, it can resist all things and destroy all things! Later, the emperor Lei punished him. The Emperor Ming was not dead. When the emperor was about to be swallowed up by evil Qi, Fang Yang did it again. From beginning to end, he waved two swords without saying a word, but people can clearly feel the strength of his Kendo! Fang Yang is different from before.


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