However, when he was completely absent, Qian angrily took Shen Xian away.

\”Wen Ruo Huo\” he whispered in a startled voice. Chapter 593 the body of Fang Yang, a thousand faced demon fox, froze and stared at him. In the darkness covered by the tide, a touch of red light was very obvious. He could clearly feel the burning gas emitted from it at a long distance. Pure Yang Xuanqi! \”It\’s a text like fire!\” Fang Yang\’s spirit was shocked and his face was ecstatic. Wen Ruo Huo didn\’t die. Did he resist by the big sun mask? That\’s great. It\’s saved! Fang Yang hurried over and shouted, \”master!\” the body that was struggling to support in the dark seemed surprised and turned around very hard. This man was not Wen ruohu! Wen Ruo Huo\’s whole body was red and dark, and he was in a mess. Only with a little mysterious Qi, he could barely ensure that the big sun cover on the body surface would not go out. \”Fang Yang, why are you here?\” Wen ruohuo was surprised when he saw Fang Yang. \”I\’ll save you!\” Fang Yang said. With a horizontal blade in his hand, he cut through the darkness and rushed out step by step. He came directly to Wen ruohuo\’s side. Then he moved his pure Yang Xuan Qi and expanded the scope of the sun cover, which also wrapped Wen ruohuo into it. Wen Ruo Huo\’s body trembled, his tense mind finally eased a little, and he sat down on the ground. \”Are you all right?\” Fang Yang quickly asked. Wen ruohuo looked embarrassed. He waved his hand at Wen Yan and said with a bitter smile, \”I didn\’t notice it for a moment. I was swallowed up by this evil devil. I didn\’t expect his body to look like this. I couldn\’t get rid of it. It\’s you. How could you be here? Did you\” \”I came in by myself?\” Fang Yang smiled, \”Evil hunger is one of the Eight Generals under the Emperor Ming. My weakness lies in my body. I\’m here to break it.\” \”really? Where is it? Let\’s move quickly.\” Wen ruohuo said. \”It should be nearby. Where is it? Because it\’s dark and dense around, you should look for it slowly.\” Fang Yang said. Wen ruohuo was inspired: \”I\’ll help you to cut off this evil spirit.\” they hit it off. Then they walked in the dark one by one. Fang Yang walked in the front, holding the nine palace sword. The blade cut out the broken space and slowly looked for it. Wen ruohuo followed with the help of Fang Yang\’s big sun mask.


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