Li Siyu saw that he had been moved, so he didn\’t ask any more.

The black-and-white line was cut off, and the door of life and death opened. So the ghost Mo cut straight in front of Ju Luo with a sword. Ju Luo snorted and remained motionless. He patted in front of him for several times. The air trembled in front of him, which brought instability to the whole space. When the dark air touched here, it dissolved and disappeared one after another under the trembling of the air, and it was difficult to break in. \”Still want to hurt me, silly people talk about dreams!\” Ju Luo said proudly. Fang Yang picked at the corner of his mouth without any surprise and said, \”who says my goal is you?\” Ju Luo was stunned, and then his face changed greatly. When the black-and-white line cut by Fang Yang Jiugong sword ran in front of him, it suddenly turned and didn\’t touch the trembling air at all. Instead, it wound around the strange tiger pig under Ju Luo. Ju Luo didn\’t expect this at all. When he reacted and wanted to help the tiger pig resist, It\’s too late. The black-and-white line directly wound around the tiger pig. The stunned demon stayed in place and didn\’t notice the danger. Chapter 544 the goal of 100 experts Fang Yang was to focus on the tiger pig from beginning to end. Although he didn\’t know Yu jiluo and didn\’t know that he had the power to shake the air, the magic formula of heaven\’s eyes was swept away , you can see that Ju Luo and tiger pig are linked together. Their mysterious Qi is common, and their own strength has greatly increased. Anyway, it\’s better to disconnect them first, but it\’s better than doing nothing. In such an unknown battle, we need to move forward slowly, press step by step, and weaken each other\’s strength first. Although tiger pig is a mutant demon, its own strength is not strong, It\’s just that he has mysterious Qi and is stupid. At this time, there is no reaction at all under the stirring of Fang Yang\’s yin-yang sword Qi. The black-and-white second line cuts directly into his head, the yin-yang door opens, and he is very dead. Ordinary big demons are fragile things of gods and spirits, but they can\’t resist and dodge when facing Fang Yang\’s yin-yang sword. Naturally, they can\’t resist it. Listen to you The tiger and pig howled miserably, and the spirit tore and was directly cut into two by the yin-yang sword. Hoo. A transparent tiger and pig spirit was torn out and thrown into the yin-yang gate in mid air. With a trembling of jiluo\’s body, the tiger and pig under him immediately died and fell to the ground. The mysterious Qi between the two people was instantly disconnected, and the dead Qi spread. Jiluo also howled bitterly, and the spirit was hurt. \”Darling, darling!\”


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