Tao Dan looked at her unexpectedly and didn\’t insist. This was also brought by himself. He didn\’t drink anymore.

Although this will leave the Dark Jade lotus seed poison in the body, as long as it doesn\’t have an effect on the Xuanqi, it\’s easy to detoxify the pure Yang Xuanqi with the characteristics of the pure Yang Xuanqi. The key to restoring your strength lies in the Dark Jade lotus seed. Now where is the dark jade lotus seed? Fang Yang is a little worried. Once it doesn\’t exist here If so, his plan would fall short. At this time, Fang Yang\’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and he vaguely felt that his feet were soft. He looked down suspiciously. The ground around Wulongtan was wet and dark, but it was also flat. But at this time, there was a small bulge on the ground in front of Fang Yang, and then a small dark shadow came out of the ground. Dark shadow Slippery autumn is a round rolling ball worm the size of a palm. His whole body is dark and stained with mucus. He is not a very good-looking species. Fang Yang only glanced at it and suddenly thought of something. His complexion changed greatly. He turned his head and fled back. \”Hmm? Boy, do you want to run?\” Several people who had been watching Fang Yang\’s movements were unhappy when he was slow. Now they saw that Fang Yang ran back before reaching Wulongtan, which was also very angry. Qian Wenfei sneered: \”I still think you have more courage. As a result, you still hold on and will soak up in the end?\” Luo Tao also disdained: \”run? Where can you run?\” Li jackal stood in front of him and looked at Fang Yang with a sneer. A bright light had floated in his palm. Just wait for Fang Yang to come within his range, he would directly cut the boy in half! But before he could make a move, he noticed something and frowned in front. He saw small holes emerging on the originally flat dark ground, and then ran away from the holes One or two slippery coccidia came out. I didn\’t feel anything yet, but when I looked from a distance, I saw that the surroundings of Nuo Da\’s Wulongtan were like beehives, countless pits appeared, and more than a thousand coccidia sprang out. \”This, this is\” Zhou Tong\’s scalp was numb and his face was white, \”yes, it\’s a ghost bug!\” Ghost bug is a kind of special monster living as a sojourner. The strength of each monster is very weak. At most, it is at the level of the empty and dark world. But once it proliferates and the number increases greatly, it is an extremely terrible existence. Ghost bug has a special skill, that is, it is attached to the body. Any warrior who runs across the protective gang and contacts the flesh body by it has almost no resistance and enters the sea of knowledge Devour the spirits and turn the warrior\’s body into his own puppet. At that time, it will become an extremely difficult existence. There are so many ghost insects here! \”Damn, it must be the gatekeeper kept by the Dragon species of Wulongtan. Get back and get out of here!\” Zhou Tong shouted hurriedly. However, it was too late when he shouted. More than a thousand ghost insects rushed in front of the crowd. Although they were very small, they were as powerful as thousands of troops.


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