The man in the hospital bed saw that she woke up and said, your family has gone. He said he would tell you when you wake up.

Bang! His body fell, and there was a violent noise in the hall. The ground trembled like a landslide. There was a clear crack on the ground where the silver, white and mysterious gas exploded. Sun Manzi also refused to admit defeat. With the help of Fang Yang\’s pill, his wound was seven or eight times better. Although it was worse than Xing Yuting\’s state, it was already broken At the beginning of Jingbi, it was much better. Seeing Xing Yuting\’s ferocious momentum, sun Manzi didn\’t dodge, and his momentum reached the top: \”Xing Yuting! You are a terrible crime! Today I will avenge Yunfei and the people of Wuji mountain sect who have been cheated by you for so long!!\” His voice was thick and implied the meaning of limitless proverbs. As the roar came out, it was like a real streamer hitting Xing Yuting. Xing Yuting\’s body trembled and was swept by the invisible breath. The limitless God of war armor on his body trembled. His face changed slightly. I didn\’t expect sun Manzi\’s roaring power to be so strong. \”Limitless proverbs! You really learned limitless proverbs!\” Xing Yuting was stunned. When he thought of what Tai Wuji said, his face became angry and ugly, and his face also showed deep jealousy. Wuji proverb, this is the unique skill of Wuji mountain sect! Generally, only a few people can master cultivation and want to achieve the Wuji war god formula The top position must be familiar with this proverb. He is a great disciple of the Wuji mountain sect. He is gifted. He has seen the method of the Wuji proverb many times, but he still can\’t get started. It\’s just that the abandoned disciple who was expelled by the sect has learned it. Doesn\’t that mean he can\’t compare with him now? How possible! \”What about limitless proverbs! Today, I will smash you into meat mud with strength!\” Xing Yuting, with the power of limitless proverbs, roared repeatedly. His body was floating in the air, his palms were clapped continuously, and the magnificent silver and white palms came out of the mountain. They often fell on the jade ground of the real dragon hall. Many things were hit with huge palmprints. With each blow, the sound echoed, which seemed to frighten people\’s hearts. Just hearing the roar, it was faint There was a feeling that he was going to break everyone\’s heart. Sun Manzi was quite embarrassed under his continuous attacks. The limitless God of war armor on his body was shaky, but even so, sun Manzi not only flinched a little, but his war intention increased sharply. Sun Manzi was originally a strong type when he was strong, although he was deeply hit and depressed after being expelled from the sect His strength decreased a lot, but later, under the guidance of Duan Ling, his mind recovered, his talent developed again, and his strength improved by leaps and bounds. His biggest characteristic is that he is strong when he meets strong. Even if Fang Yang has fought with him several times, he has been greatly annoyed by sun Manzi\’s attacks. At this time, in the face of Xing Yuting\’s continuous palm attacks, sun Manzi stood up hard and burst out one after another. The whole thing Within the palace, two majestic mysterious Qi collided with each other. Each collision set off a large amount of smoke and dust. The martial artists around him retreated layer by layer to avoid being affected. When the two fought against each other, Xing Yuting had the upper hand. Whether in cultivation or his own mysterious Qi, he was better than sun Manzi, who had been decadent for a long time. However, sun Manzi had more firm faith and And the will to kill! When they fight with their lives, their momentum is not weak at all. Every time they fight each other, sun Manzi is hurt by 70%, but Xing Yuting is also hurt by 50%. Although it seems that sun Manzi is at a disadvantage, he is firm and can resist without anything. Compared with this, Xing Yuting is much worse. In a moment, they have more than 100 moves. Sun Manzi has already quit It used to be big bad, but now it\’s only small bad. Everyone around me looks surprised. Ma Youshen\’s eyes twinkle on sun Manzi and exclaims: \”This son of a barbarian, I had contact with him more than ten years ago. At that time, he was young and frivolous. Although he had talent, he didn\’t understand people\’s affairs and was useless. It was normal to be expelled from Wuji mountain sect later. I expected that he would never recover. How could this reappearance be so powerful?\” Gou Yi said with a stiff face: \”brother, I want to say it\’s because of Fang Yang?\” \”Hum, it\’s not impossible. In any case, although the grandson lost his arm, his mind has been very different after ups and downs. If he didn\’t kill him here, it\’s only a matter of time for him to grow up. Xing Yuting will feel uncomfortable.\” he said gloating.


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