Tao Dan saw Li Siyu coming out and said, come on, I\’ll take you.

\”Hum, Fang Yang has committed a heinous crime! What he did must have other purposes. I won\’t be deceived by him because of some small favors!\” Yu said with awe inspiring righteousness. \”Really? It sounds like you are a very firm and intelligent person.\” Mo he smiled. \”This is what Chunyang\’s true disciples should think, should\” He smiled foolishly at him. The smile on Mohe\’s face suddenly converged: \”should it be? When did the people in Chunyang Zhenzong take ingratitude as their due? He saved your life. If you deliberately hide his identity, I can still look up to you. Now Chunyang Zhenzong doesn\’t need such a scheming and selfless person like you!\” He made a sudden move, and the pure Yang Xuan Qi exploded. However, he didn\’t expect that Mo he would do it to himself. He was frightened and couldn\’t even use some means of defense. The Xuan Qi burst all over his body and blew him out directly. He was dead in the air. Suddenly, the other people were stunned. Even Wang Wu didn\’t expect that Mo he would make a decision For a moment, Mo he was stunned. Mo He snorted coldly, \”it seems that Chunyang Zhenzong really needs to be rectified. It\’s really not a bad thing to come to Liulian mountain this time.\” hearing this sentence, Fang Yang\’s eyebrows were slightly raised, as if he understood something. Mo he saw him again at this time: \”However, since your identity has been exposed, I still can\’t let you leave here. Come with me.\” he stretched out his five fingers and grabbed it in front of Fang Yang. \”What are you doing!\” Feng Wuji was surprised and stood in front of Fang Yang, trying to resist the attack of Mo He. Mo he frowned slightly. Just before he started to hit Feng Wuji hard, Fang Yang pushed Feng Wuji aside: \”well, you don\’t need to intervene. Stay at the same time.\” \”Fang Yang\” Feng Wuji was stunned and looked at Fang Yang incomprehensibly. Fang Yang just looked at him indifferently and walked to Mo River: \”don\’t start, I\’ll go with you. This time Chunyang Zhenzong and his party, I didn\’t expect to escape so disheartened. It should be what I got, and I want to get it after all.\” \”Hey, I like your character very much. I must have a good fight with you in the future.\” Mo he also didn\’t mean to fight again. With a funny smile on his face, he turned his head and looked at the other people, \”you all follow up.\” several people looked at the dead body over there, shivered, didn\’t dare to hesitate, and hurriedly followed up. \”Brother Feng, what should I do?\” Feng Xiaojiu helped Feng Wuji up and said with worry on his face. Feng Wuji bit his teeth: \”this matter must not be ignored. Fang Yang deliberately pushed me away to keep a distance from him so as not to be implicated. However, Fang Yang has saved us so many times. Even if there is danger, I must save him!\” Feng Xiaojiu nodded again. They both thought the same. Under the leadership of Mohe, they quickly went to the depths of the mountains and forests.


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