The old lady was also a young lady of a rich family. What delicacies have you never eaten? At the beginning of the war, all the possessions of the family were donated by their father, which ensured the current stable family.

After a long time in the gravel room, there was a bang, and then a straight sword spirit ran through it. Fang Yang was in a mess, holding the black water sword, successfully opened a channel with the help of the purple breaking force and ran out. \”Shit, it\’s good that my bone building gold body is strong enough.\” He was also afraid for a while. The power of the broken stones was not for fun. If he hadn\’t practiced building bones and gold bodies to the sixth weight, he would have been seriously injured under the previous stones. His soul power swept around and realized that the previous hall had not been damaged. After all, there was a space Dharma array in the hall. Even if the shock here was strong, it would be very dangerous It didn\’t affect the hall. After knowing that sun Manzi was safe, Fang Yang was a little reassured. When he was relieved, there was another explosion, earth and rock splashed, and several bodies rushed out one after another. The black flag in Heiya\’s hand was scattered and covered with dust. After the impact, he stared at Fang Yang: \”you boy, I, I want to kill you!\” Seeing that Li Bei, Tai Wuji and others appeared one after another, Fang Yang not only stayed, but also moved. He released the grey feather finch again, soared into the air and quickly left the scope of the ancient corpse battlefield. One by one, the surviving fighters went out one after another, and under the leadership of Heiya, they continued to pursue Fang Yang. Heiya had a black flag, which could fly in the air, although the flag was affected Chuang is not small, but it\’s not a problem to place these warriors. One by one, the two sides keep chasing. Fang Yang galloped on the grey feather finch for half a sound and saw the location of the grey bird mountain from a distance. With a move of his right hand, he put the grey feather finch away and landed directly on the mountains. When Fang Yang approached, Wumeng at the top of the empty and dark world had noticed his Qi and immediately brought people out. \”Fang Yang boy, you\’re back safely!\” Wumeng looked up and down at Fang Yang and said with admiration. He knew how dangerous the ancient corpse battlefield was. Fang Yang smiled bitterly, arched his hands and didn\’t care to say, \”where\’s Qinchuan?\” as soon as he asked, he saw that Qinchuan\’s body had rushed out. \”Sir, are you all right!\” Qin Chuan came to Fang Yang\’s side and saw that Fang Yang had nothing to do with it. He was overjoyed. \”It\’s not too late. We\’ve got the jade plate. Let\’s go to the ruins quickly.\” Fang Yang said. Qin Chuan was stunned and nodded with joy. Wumeng wondered, \”what\’s the matter? What\’s the matter with you in such a hurry? I think you\’re dusty and in a bad state. You might as well rest on the mountain for a few days\” \”there\’s no time\” Fang Yang smiled bitterly, \”Well, I don\’t have time to elaborate, but the mountain master should know in a moment. Let\’s go first!\”


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