The leader is in charge of me. My son didn\’t come home from work. He was found lying on the road in the morning. He has become a vegetable.

\”Grey sparrow mountain is very good. I won\’t go.\” \”what is black tooth group? You didn\’t ask me when I didn\’t have a place to go before. Now it\’s not easy for me to settle down in grey sparrow mountain and want to rob it?\” \”you obviously want to make trouble in the absence of the mountain owner!\” The crowd is excited. Most of the people on the grey sparrow mountain have been taken care of by Wumeng. Especially today, Wumeng specially distributed meat to them to enhance their strength. Considering the benefits of Wumeng, naturally no one would follow. Huang Ning\’s face is full of killing intention: \”are the people on the grey sparrow mountain so stubborn?\” \”I, I join!\” At this time, a voice came from behind the crowd. A one armed man stumbled up, ran to Zhuang Yisha and knelt down, \”I, Wang Han, join you.\” The visitor is Wang Han, who was chased by Fang Yang and cut off his arm. Since he was cut off by Fang Yang, Wang Han has been coldly regarded by the mountain Lord, and then he has done evil things in the past, which makes him more and more unpopular. He is very poor on the grey sparrow mountain. In addition, he has lost one arm, and his strength has been greatly reduced. He has been curled up to live. Now it\’s not easy to see an opportunity to change the courtyard Yes, of course I won\’t miss it, so I ran up with flattery. Seeing him running out, many martial artists around showed an angry look and despised Wang Han\’s rebellion. Huang Ning looked at him. When he saw the miserable appearance of only one arm, his eyes were cold and shouted: \”You disabled people dare to appear in front of me, and dare to expect to join our black tooth group? Where do you think the black tooth group is desecrated by you? Die for me!\” With his fingers together, he chopped off with a golden sword brush. Pooh! The blood flew, and Wang Han\’s head flew away and fell to the ground, with an unbelievable look of death on his face. When everything was quiet, everyone didn\’t expect that Huang Ning would suddenly kill him. Even Zhuang Yisha trembled, and then a look of surprise appeared on their faces. Is this the leader of the black tooth regiment They killed him mercilessly. They thought that Wang Han\’s defection was effective and would stimulate the group of warlords of the grey sparrow mountain who were not firm. As a result, they ended up like this. Huang Ning pointed and snorted coldly, as if he had done something insignificant. He took one step forward and his breath was rolling: \”For the last time, if you don\’t want to die, come here quickly and work hard for the black tooth regiment to participate in an activity. Maybe I will attract you into the black tooth regiment. Otherwise! Kill all the ash sparrow mountain and there will be no grass!!\” His voice echoed, and his killing intention flowed. All the people around him turned pale. Huang Ning showed a strong side and also calmed the scene. For a moment, he looked at each other, and no one dared to answer.


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