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Just now, he was almost on the verge of death. If Teng shuize hadn\’t arrived in time, he would have been cleaned of his soul origin. \”You adjust your breath,\” Teng shuize said, getting up and looking at the man in the cloak. He looked frightened and said, \”if I\’m not mistaken, you should be the elder Xue tomb, who is called the living dead.\” \”I didn\’t expect someone to know me now. You have good eyes.\” the cloak man smiled. Teng shuize said seriously, \”fifty years ago, there was a huge storm in the Longyuan Dynasty. You killed a city with your own strength and cultivated your evil skills. You are the senior Xue tomb, who was chased and killed by a quota of 70 million yuan, but you haven\’t appeared for many years.\” \”Hum, I was chased and killed by your dragon Yuan Dynasty. I was seriously injured. It took me more than 30 years of cultivation to fully recover. This time I came out, it would be another storm! Let you young people know my reputation again!\” his cold eyes under the cloak swept Teng shuize. He said coldly: \”It seems that your strength is very good. Now the cave is very important. I don\’t have time to talk to you here, so I\’ll take the first step! If you\’re not convinced, you can bring someone to catch up with you, but then there won\’t be many people around you!\” After a series of strange smiles, Xue\’s tomb moved and ran towards the stone tablet. Before he touched his cloak, he saw that he was wrapped in a light white breath. The sword Qi stagnated, failed to find the target and dissipated again. Xue\’s tomb simply entered Qingyun road. Chapter 166 Qingyun Mountain Road \”Brother Teng, just let him slip away?\” Wang Hu woke up and saw the back of the cloak man disappear. He was unwilling to say. Teng shuize shook his head: \”this old monster is very difficult to deal with. He reached the level of the empty and dark world 50 years ago. Although he was badly hurt during this period and wasted a lot of time practicing, it is more difficult to deal with now.\” \”What are you afraid of? Isn\’t there a cultivation limit in this mysterious world? No matter how high the empty and dark realm is, it can only play the strength of the peak of the concentration realm.\” Wang Hu didn\’t think so. Teng shuize glanced at him: \”which of these long-lived old guys doesn\’t have any special means in their hands, just like when you were entangled by white Qi, can you resist?\” Referring to this, Wang Hu seemed to think of his own flesh and blood withered, his soul separated cold, and his face turned white: \”what evil means is that?\” \”I don\’t know. I just know this person\’s experience.\” Teng shuize said, \”when I enter it later, I won\’t fight if I can fight against the old monster.\” \”well.\” Wang Hu nodded. He was very convinced of Teng shuize. Teng shuize took office in the Hunyuan mansion in recent months. At the beginning, no one in the four guards looked up to him. After all, he was born in a county and city, which was nothing. But when they refused to accept the challenge and were easily defeated by Teng shuize by one enemy and four, they really looked at Teng shuize Laiteng shuize came to prominence in the Hunyuan mansion. He was not only superb in strength and numerous in means, but also extremely well treated in front of Chen Jiuyin, so he was accepted by Wang Hu.


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