Li Siyu listened attentively to several factory directors. During the conversation, she learned a lot of information.

\”What you said before is lying to me, isn\’t it?\” Fang Yang smiled. \”Yes, I can see that you are a strong boy. If the general criminal law wants you to recruit the formula of the medicine, you won\’t recruit it. But if you use the soul black prison, your strength is too low. I\’m afraid you\’ll die directly if you go in, so I want to discuss it with you.\” Teng shuize said slowly. At this time, it was simply spread out, and Teng shuize didn\’t have to hide it. When he said this, Teng shuize gave a little meal, and then said, \”boy, I\’ll tell you honestly that you must die, but I really want your formula. If you don\’t want to suffer too much before you die, you can be honest.\” He nodded and Fang Yang smiled: \”I had expected that I would hurt Ling Xuan like that. When I was in Shangyang palace, Ling Xuan had no way not to let me go because of the tianbite contract, but since I was brought back by you, it had nothing to do with Ling Xuan. How could the Ling family let me go?\” \”Now that you\’ve figured it out, don\’t struggle. I\’ll give you a promise. I\’ll bury you well after you die. By the way, you\’re still from the Fang family, aren\’t you? I also promise you that people in Huoyu County won\’t embarrass the Fang family after you die. This is the most I can do for you.\” Teng shuize said faintly. If it seems to outsiders that Teng shuize can talk so much with Fang Yang, he already thinks highly of Fang Yang. If it\’s outsiders, I\’m afraid Teng shuize would have been served by torture. It\’s incredible to be able to talk so much with a dying person. \”Give me time and let me think it over.\” When Fang Yangning said something, Teng shuize hesitated and nodded with a smile: \”Yes, but I\’ll give you two days at most, because I\’m going to work in Hunyuan mansion, because I\’ve been delayed for some time about Wu fan, so I don\’t have much time. If you don\’t say it within two days, I can\’t help but torture you. Although I think your mind is very firm and it\’s difficult to torture, there\’s nothing absolute in the world. I\’m from Huoyu county Four hundred and seventy-two criminal laws are not vegetarian. \”Fang Yang didn\’t speak. Seeing this, Teng shuize directly rushed to the door, but at this time, Fang Yang said in a voice:\” Lord Teng, can you bring me the two herbs I just said? \”\” I said it wouldn\’t do you any good. \”Before Teng shuize finished, Fang Yang interrupted: \”It\’s not a treasure of heaven and earth, it\’s just two ordinary herbs.\” \”what do you want that thing for?\” Teng shuize\’s face flashed a doubt. Seeing this, Fang Yang smiled bitterly: \”I fought with Ling Xuan, and my injury is not light. I don\’t have much medicine. I need to make it up, or I\’ll feel hurt.\” Nodded, Teng shuize said slowly, \”that\’s all right.\” Teng shuize doesn\’t care about anything. From all the signs, Fang Yang has a very powerful formula here, but Fang Yang\’s strength is too poor. The refined pill is only powerful and has insufficient power. Even if Fang Yang is given some natural materials and earth treasures, Fang Yang can\’t become the strongest one and break out of the prison. Fang Yang told him the two herbs he needs After Teng shuize, Teng shuize left. After Teng shuize left, Fang Yang sighed: \”I got it.\” \”Shit, what medicine do you want at this time? It\’s ridiculous to take pills to remedy yourself temporarily. What can you do even if you improve your strength to Lingwu territory at this time? And the two herbs you just said are very common herbs.\” At this time, Duan Ling suddenly scolded Fang Yang. Fang Yang ignored this paragraph of Ling and just thought about the next thing in his heart. There is no doubt that the medicinal materials Fang Yang just asked for are the two missing ingredients of gentian unloading yuan pill. As long as the two medicinal materials are available, Fang Yang is confident that he can refine gentian unloading yuan pill. I think he should be able to improve some of his strength, but just like Duan Ling Suo said that at this time, even if his strength is improved, it may not have much effect. Most importantly, at this time, Xuanqi is still limited by the damn pill. Even if his strength is improved to Lingwu, it is estimated that it is the same. However, Fang Yang is not worried. Fang Yang has already had countermeasures.


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