Hao Jianhong took her to line up for dinner. All three windows lined up at the door.

In a secluded courtyard on the hillside of Longyin mountain, a slender figure stumbled for a while. Lin Yiping was covered with tears, and Bei teeth bit her lower lip hard. At this time, she suddenly felt dark, and her once vigorous confidence vanished. Just then, a pair of plain hands gently held her, and a weak figure stood beside her. \”Believe him, he will be there waiting for you, waiting for us, all of us.\” Feng Ruxue, who has escaped, is still so beautiful and refined. Lin Yiping raised her head. She suddenly felt a burst of strength. She stood up straight again. Yes, Muchen said to trust him A burst of dazzling colorful light suddenly bloomed in the dark sky. The dazzling light, like countless sharp blades, directly splits the diffuse dark clouds into fragments. In the package of light, five five five color yuan babies rotate at the top of the sky. They laugh and fly freely. An elegant figure appeared on the boulder again. Muchen, it\’s Muchen Five yuan babies flew down and penetrated into the pale white figure, and a pale white halo emerged from Mu Chen. \”Ha ha ha\” \”Ha ha ha ha ha ha\” \”Ha ha ha ha ha\” Mu Chen\’s loud laughter echoed in the sky again He pointed away with his hand and saw countless flying dragons and sword shadows rushing to the sky again. Thunder roared and heaven and earth were chaotic. The fierce battle is back. Three days Three days of intense fighting It\’s gone, it\’s up again


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