Chapter XXVI work

However, abdominal Fei was abdominal Fei. He stepped forward, saluted Jane Xi, and said politely: \”Sister in law, my name is Hu Li. My eldest brother and second brother call me fox. Sister in law, you can also call me that. In fact, the reason why they call me is only the homonym of my name. In fact, I am very real and simple. Really, brother, my character is also very stable, and I have a good temper, think well when things happen, my age is not big, and I don\’t have any bad habits , you can see the appearance, sister-in-law. Although it is not as good as brother, it is much better than ChiYan. \” Jane Xi was stunned by Hu Li\’s words. What does Hu Li want to express? \”Fox, I think you want me to pluck all your fox hair! I\’m still your eldest brother, so I began to tilt up the corner of the eldest brother, right? Don\’t pay attention to the eldest brother?\” Han Xing\’s words were full of threat. \”Big brother, big brother, it\’s not like this. I don\’t mean that. Brother, I just introduce more about my own actual situation without any exaggeration. I just want my sister-in-law to pay attention to whether there is a suitable girl to be a Taoist partner for my brother. Really, I don\’t mean anything else. You see, little brother, I can argue in front of you, but once I arrive In front of girls, they stutter. I don\’t know how much ridicule they have received from childhood. That is, they don\’t hide in front of big brother, sister-in-law and their brothers. Hey, hey, brother, what I\’m talking about is true. Don\’t misunderstand big brother. \”Hu Li explained to Han Xing with a shy face. At this time, Han Xing eased his expression and said, \”I know your stuttering when you see girls, but I heard for the first time that you are still worried about this!\”. \”Hahaha, what should a fox be called? Hahaha, he looks serious. In fact, his stomach is full of Taoist companions. What should he be called?\” ChiYan laughed at his brother, and then he didn\’t know how to summarize his character and scratched his head. \”Sultry type\” Jane Xi can\’t stand being held back by him like this. He added a word casually. \”Sultry, sultry, sultry, ah hahaha, yes, yes. That\’s what I mean. Sister-in-law\’s summary is too incisive.\” ChiYan constantly praises and agrees with Jian Xi\’s words. The fox\’s handsome face was finally red, \”sister-in-law, how can you say that about your brother and me. Where am I sullen? It\’s clear!\” \”Hahaha -\” \”Hahaha -\” “” Hearing the laughter of Han Xing and ChiYan, Jian Xi said she was speechless and seriously doubted the evaluation of this brother who is said to have the most heart. After seeing that, Han Xing kicked and the demon Xiu in the coma and said, \”well, let\’s talk about business here. Xi\’er, what are you going to do with this man?\”. \”Well, I want to ask, did you destroy his black chain?\” Jane asked. \”No, we caught him in other ways. Why do you ask? That thing can only be used for magic cultivation. It\’s of no use to us.\” Han Xing asked Jane Xi strangely. \”Where did he put it?\” Jane looked at the ring on his hand. Besides, besides the black robe. There\’s nothing else. \”Oh, look, here.\” the letter star\’s foot was hooked and lifted. The demon Xiu turned over like the fish on the plate. Just face up, has become lying on the ground. A whiff of wind from the letter Star cut the man\’s robe into two pieces. A palm wind waved it out, and the clothes were lifted. Jane Xi saw that there was a tattoo of a dark chain full of buttons on the exposed skin. \”Ah! It\’s here,\” Jane Xi asked casually, and then said, \”the black chain that always comes out of the back is tattooed on the back.\”


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