A group of people looked red and bowed their heads. Li Siyu really wanted this bag of food from his classmates. It\’s a shame that they occupied it so much.

After getting a good cheer, he took everyone to the direction of juxianlou and left. The purple girl Wang Qianqian\’s face was very green and ugly. She wanted to break her silk handkerchief. She looked at Tong tongmingyan\’s slim figure in red with resentment, and a hand next to her patted her shoulder: \”Qianqian, don\’t be angry. Tong Tong is also for everyone\’s good. She\’s afraid of accidents. It\’s just because of them. The Tong family is the first family in Philadelphia. They\’re arrogant and domineering. If you\’re so gentle and Shuliang, don\’t see her in general.\” a man comforted her with warm words. Jian Xi, who was eavesdropping from a distance, secretly said that on the surface, it seemed to excuse Tong Tong. In fact, it was not to stir up discord! It was really insidious. Jian Xi sneered at them. However, seeing that they were thick skinned, they didn\’t go back, but followed behind the people and came to the Juxian building. Jane Xi can\’t help being speechless. Should she have such a thick skin? Let others Tong Tong say so, and have the face to come and invite others to dinner. Jane Xi said that she is not in the same brain circuit with them, but really can\’t be in line with them. The three of them are all in place this time. They don\’t look at the excitement outside. These six dishes have been served. They asked for a pot of spirit wine. Although it doesn\’t smell very good, the taste of the dishes is still good. Jane Xi said they were quite satisfied. At this time, less than half of the diners on the third floor were full of people, which scared away less than half of the previous things. However, those who stayed were brave and were not afraid of the five people looking for trouble again. If there was excitement, they could survive and be afraid of being involved. Yu Shanshan smiled and said, \”Xi\’er, the girl in red just now looks pretty good! I like that character!\” \”Hehe, I like it too. I\’m so happy about it today. Those people seem to be in her charge. They should have caused a lot of things less!\” when Jane Xi thought of what happened just now, she wanted to be happy. Her face bloomed like spring flowers. In addition, Yu Shanshan is also a beautiful face of the city. At this time, they also laugh to the bottom of their eyes. They seem to be in a good mood! Jane Nan looked at her little granddaughter so happy. She couldn\’t help but say in her heart, \”let the five people please my little granddaughter today and spare them from dying!\” when she lowered her head and took the food, she flashed a cold light in her eyes and followed their good mood to be happy. At this time, there was a movement upstairs from the stairwell. There should be a lot of people listening to the sound. Sometimes there was a greeting from the waiter. The three people were stunned. These people had reached the third floor. The first floor and the second floor were not affected by the five bullies before, so they were still full of friends. Only several tables were empty on the third floor. The waiter naturally led these people to the third floor. They all seem to know each other. They can call their names one by one, but two suffixes are added behind them. What fairy Tong! Young master Yu! Jian Xi looked at Jian Nan and Yu Shanshan. The smile in her eyes had not dissipated. They all read a trace from each other\’s eyes. They had just been training their elders outside, and now they had come to her. Jian Xi took a piece of fish from the Hengshui arowana with a special aroma and put it in his mouth. He praised: \”sister Shanshan, you can try it, too. It\’s very good. The fish is ready to melt at the entrance, and the smell of fish overflows. It can afford their signature dish\”. \”Really? I\’ll try it.\” Yu Shanshan also clearly changed the topic. She stretched out her chopsticks and put a piece of garlic like fish in her mouth. The delicious food narrowed her apricot eyes. She looked very satisfied and pleased Jane Xi opposite. \”I didn\’t lie to you.\” \”Well, sure enough, brother Nan, you can taste it too.\” Yu Shanshan also asked Jane nan to taste the dish, but her title made Jane Nan\’s cheeks twitch. A few days ago, under the insincere encouragement of Jane Xi, the creator of the figurines, Yu Shanshan foolishly began to call Jane Nan brother Nan. In Shanshan\’s opinion, he was Xi\’er\’s brother, three years older than her, and called him brother, It\’s also normal, so it\’s called without pressure. She didn\’t see Jane Xi laughing like the cat who stole the fishy smell at that time. Otherwise, she would detect something wrong. Jane Nan can\’t help but let her cry. In order not to arouse suspicion, she has asked Jane Xi to call his brother. How can she stop Yu Shanshan from calling so? It can\’t be said that he is actually over a thousand years old. With a wry smile, he picked up a piece of fish and sent it to the mouth to taste. He nodded and motioned that what they said was really good. At this time, Tong Tong and his party * had also arrived on the third floor, together with seven or eight relatives and followers. At once, there were more than a dozen people, and the whole third floor suddenly seemed crowded. Those followers did not need to tell. They had automatically walked to the corner and set up two square tables. They helped the two boys who followed up and set up two square tables at the adjacent table opposite Jane Xi. *A man sat down around the long table, and the followers sat down at the table in the corner.


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