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First and second grade elixirs. The first grade elixirs include 1200 \’Pigu elixir\’ and \’vitality elixir\’; \’detoxification elixir\’ 860; \’explosive elixir\’ 650; \’safflower elixir\’ 1550. The second grade elixirs include 1300 \’Zengli elixir\’, \’Yiqi elixir\’ 2100, \’Yangyan elixir\’ 120 and \’detoxification elixir\’ 950. Jian Xi reported the stored elixirs in his ring. \”Twenty percent of the finished pills have three circles of pills, forty-five percent have two circles of pills, and thirty-five percent have one circle of pills.\” shopkeeper LV was stunned when he heard the quantity. One person can take out so many pills. Although there are only one and two grades of pills, no matter which grade of pills is refined, But there are also differences in quality. It turned out that Jane Xi\’s refined pills are only divided into four grades. However, when she came to the world, she found that the monks\’ pills here explain the quality of pills according to Dan halo. Of course, although the statements are different, the method of determination is the same, but the statements here are more intuitive and vivid. The ultimate quality of pill is based on the pill halo. The best pill has three circles of pill halo, followed by two circles of pill halo, and then one circle. The pill without pill halo is the most common pill. Among these low-level pills provided by Jian Xi, there are no pills without pill halo. Chapter 352 feelings of girlfriends Although Jian Xi\’s words made people feel excited, shopkeeper Lu didn\’t believe it at this time. It\’s a little outrageous. The two women didn\’t come to play tricks on themselves or liars, so they coughed and said in a straight face: \”Tao you said so much. It\’s ridiculous. But as long as these pills are really what Tao you said, I\’ll let the guys in the store test them. If it\’s true, I\’ll buy them at 20% lower than the market price. What do you think?\” Shopkeeper Lu\’s small eyes are shining. If these pills are true, they will be purchased together. At least he can not worry about purchasing for half a year. \”OK! However, I don\’t know. Where should I put the pill?\” Jane Xi readily promised that she had such a large amount of pills, and at least a circle of pills, which can\’t be trusted by others. \”OK, Taoist friends, come with me.\” shopkeeper LV grinned and let them into the side hall. There was a large platform in the middle of the floor. Shopkeeper LV called two more guys in. Jian Xi took out the storage bag that had been classified and collected for a long time. A large number of jade bottles and boxes appeared on the big table. Each jade bottle or box can place hundreds of pills of pills, which are labeled with the variety of pills and the number of pills. Jane Xi has a good habit on weekdays. Every time after refining the pills, they will be packed in different categories. For a long time, they have formed such a large scale. If these pills were placed disorderly at the beginning, it would be really difficult to classify them. In addition, there are many low-level pills from the \”multiple doors\” later mixed with them. The storage bag or storage ring can ensure the freshness of the items stored in them. In addition, there is the isolation and warming of jade bottles. Therefore, the pills in the \”multiple doors\” have not lost any efficacy and are well preserved. Seeing so many pills, shopkeeper Lv\’s heart beat rapidly. How long has it taken to refine so many pills! It seems that the calculation just now is still a little conservative. With such a large number and so many varieties, we may be able to persist for a year without worrying about Danyuan. While checking the variety, quantity and quality of the pill, the two guys collected it from the storage bag. Similarly, there is no confusion. It is in full bloom by category and recorded. It seems that things are very organized. The three people drank tea in the outer hall and waited for the test results. Half an hour later, each of them came out of the side hall with more than a dozen storage bags. Then, each handed the list to shopkeeper Lu, and loaded the food bags on two trays. Put it next to shopkeeper Lu. Shopkeeper LV took the list and looked at it. There was no doubt that the happy face on his face. The above records were the same as what Jian Xi said. Even there were more than ten or dozens of grains in each kind. If you want to come, Jian Xi only counted as an integer. No change is included. Shopkeeper LV picked up a storage bag from one of the trays, took out a jade bottle at random and took out a pill of pills. He saw the halo flowing on it. It was not exactly three circles. A smell of pills floated out of the mouth of the bottle. Shopkeeper LV felt refreshed. This is the pill of three circles of halo! At ordinary times, there are not all three circles of pills purchased in the store, but there are few. This time, I didn\’t expect to receive so many three circles of pills at one time. What luck! Shopkeeper Lu didn\’t want the elixir to dissipate too much. After seeing it, he quickly put the elixir back. He closed the lid, returned it to the storage bag, put it on the long plate, and then it was all included in his ring. Then \’hahaha\’ smiled and said: \”the two Taoist friends really believe in people. I, Lao Lu, now let people calculate the spirit stone.\”. Soon, a waiter took a piece of paper and sent it to shopkeeper Lu. After looking at it, shopkeeper Lu handed it to Jian Xi and said, \”little Taoist friend, you have a look first, but you are still satisfied? You have more than ten or dozens of pills left in each pill. I\’m sorry to take advantage of you, old Lu, so I just collected a whole for you. What do you think?\” Shopkeeper Lu is a shrewd man. He won\’t mind this small account. The person who can sell so many pills at one time is not an alchemist, but also works for an alchemist. He has a deep relationship. If such a person can\’t offend or covet some small profits. A storage bag was handed over. There were 1355 middle-grade spirit stones in it, which was nearly twice as much as refining broken thunder pill for Li Yan and them. Jian Xi was also very happy. She had already harvested so many spirit stones in the \”multiple doors\”. Now with these, I don\’t think her life will be too bad in the future. \”Please keep your mouth shut about what happened today. If there are pills to be sold in the future, you will first consider the weir pill workshop of Taoist friends,\” Jian Xi told before leaving.


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