Li Siyu cuddled the old lady\’s arm and did not give up.

Feng Dongcheng, although he can\’t be called an honest official, he doesn\’t have any ambition in money and other foreign things. Therefore, he has been a good official in recent years. Even so, he is more careful in his affairs in Mowei than others. He tries not to have any economic or material contacts with him. Everything is business, so, There have been few meals with mervey in recent years. This makes Mowei, who has been unable to curry favor with Feng Bureau, very depressed. While scolding Feng Dongcheng\’s stubbornness in his heart, he has to curry favor with him regardless of offending him. Now, seeing Mowei\’s rhetorical questions, he even despises this man. As a father, he doesn\’t even know his daughter\’s grade jump, let alone his daughter\’s study. He doesn\’t even know such important things as the college entrance examination. He really doesn\’t deserve the word \”father\”. \”Ah – ah – yeah, ha ha, you see, this father is unqualified. He is busy working all day and doesn\’t care enough about his daughter! He still has to learn from Feng Bureau in the future!\” Mowei said awkwardly, ha ha, round his scene, but he secretly hated Jane. He just went to school step by step, but what kind of grade jump and the number one in the exam, What a worry free girl. Let him lose face in front of others. Everyone here knows the situation of Mowei\’s family and knows some of Mowei\’s character more or less, but his father knows nothing about his own daughter\’s performance, which is too incomprehensible. If anyone has such excellent children, he would be happy to give them up all day, but it happens to be president Mowei, Not only do you not know the college entrance examination results, but even your daughter jumps into the third year of senior high school and takes part in the college entrance examination. It can be seen how weak the family affection is. It\’s better for such people to stay away. At this time, the old fox spirits at a table have reached the same consensus very tacitly. From this day on, they have gradually alienated president Mo, the big developer of J City, but Mo Wei doesn\’t know it. If he knows that it is because of this matter that his development project in J city has entered a difficult situation since then, He will hate his own daughter even more. The problem of Mowei\’s character gradually spread from the mouth of these old fox spirits. As a result, Mowei\’s projects in J City, even the engineering development projects in surrounding counties and cities, were greatly affected, and the scale of the company gradually shrank. Until the project stopped in the later stage, uncompleted residential buildings began to appear, which began to mean that Mowei was finished. Chapter 247 farewell The three-month holiday is not short. The school, major and admission are carried out according to the same pattern every year. During this period, Jian Xi also Yujian visited Jian Xinyan in H City, stayed with her for a few days, and returned to J City in the reluctant eyes of Jane\’s mother. Moreover, the Jane family is ready to move, including the Xinyu family. The relationship between the two families has long been extraordinary. Therefore, in order to reassure the two children, the second old man of the Jane family and Yuan\’s father and mother moved to H city. H city is not too far from Beijing University. At the speed of Jian Xi and Xinyu Yujian, it is only a 20 minute journey, In this way, they will go back to H city to visit the elderly every week in case the four old people miss them. If the male parents\’ business is not as small as those commercial aircraft carriers, they have discussed with Wang Mingfu for a long time and are ready to do business in H city. There is a relationship network built by Jian Xinyan for several years due to the development of real estate, coupled with the secret help of yuan and Fang, it is easy to get a foothold in H city. Of course, the help of yuan and Fang is secret, Will not let Ruo Nan and Xin Wei\’s parents and family know. Several families are not short of money, so they bought another two villas adjacent to Jane and yuan in an upscale residential area such as East Lake bieyuan developed by Jian Xinyan. They are not small in area and the environment is very beautiful. In addition, the air in coastal cities is much better than that in inland cities. Everyone is very satisfied. If Grandpa Qu and grandma Qu of the male family had already got along well with the four elders of Jane and yuan family, they were also reluctant to leave them, so they moved to H city with their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. For this reason, Jian Xinyan redesigned their area separately, and reserved two villas for no takeout in case of need. In this area, there are small bridges, flowing water and shady trees. The environment is the best and most beautiful place in the other gardens of the East Lake. Jian Xinyan found someone to circle the six best villas separately, looking for the best designers, even the walls. Not only did it not have the dull and ugly appearance of the ordinary wall, but it was very harmonious with the surrounding environment. Many customers fell in love with several villas, but were told that they had been sold out and felt very disappointed. This separate courtyard was named \”Fairy Garden in the garden\” by Jian Xinyan. Its name is full of Fairy Spirit. Most people in the garden are practitioners. This place surprised Jian Xi to find that there is a miniature spiritual pulse buried deep underground, overflowing with a trace of aura. Those days in H city. Jian Xi and Jian Xinyan are very happy about this. A super large soul gathering and soul locking array was also set up around the \”Fairy Garden in the garden\”. This enables the array to gather the pitiful aura in the underground spirit pulse and the surrounding air, and can ensure that none of these auras can overflow. Most of the array materials are treasures or jade in Jianxi ring. Only nine pieces of inferior spirit stones are used. Such a large array. It\’s economical enough. What can be replaced, Jane Xi is determined not to use the spirit stone. In this way, even ordinary people who don\’t cultivate immortality, such as Qu\’s father and mother, can prolong their life and strengthen their health in such an environment. Jian Xinyan didn\’t want to collect the house money from several families, but no one was willing to do it, so she had to charge a cost price so that everyone could still live together. It\’s also convenient to practice Kung Fu. The aura here is much stronger. Therefore, after Jane Xi and others go to college, they can come back together every weekend. Jian Xi and Xin Yu took the sword one by one, and it was just right.


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