Chapter 10 shopping

Chapter 137 surveillance \”Hmm -\” Grandpa Jane sent out a syllable from his nose, held his jaw, thought for a while, and then said: \”don\’t tell them for the time being. Although our two families have a good relationship now, we are not close relatives after all. We\’ll see what happens later.\” Grandpa Jane was very cautious. Although Jane Xi was disappointed, she also knew that Grandpa thought for his own good. It\’s useless to tell them now. Let\’s talk about it when necessary. Anyway, as long as he has something, he will try his best to help them. It\’s not much. The more they know, the heavier their burden will be. The three members of the Jane family witnessed the whole process with their own eyes, and it\’s not good to hide it. Let\’s listen to Grandpa Jane. That\’s it first. The rest will be discussed later. Now the most important thing is to take a bath first. The impurities discharged after building the foundation, the blood stains vomited three times, and a messy bed. After receiving a positive reply, Grandpa and grandma went downstairs at ease. Xinyan was the last to leave. Before leaving, she also replaced all the stained bedding on Jane Xi\’s bed. What should be thrown away and washed. Jane Xi entered the bathroom with her changed clothes. \”Bang\” the God of war bumped into the closed bathroom door, sat at the door, sobbed, and looked bitterly at the tightly closed door in front of her. Jane Xi\’s divine sense was moved and funny when she saw the God of war outside. Seriously, when she just woke up, she saw the two tears in the God of war\’s eyes. She was really moved by it. Dogs are the most loyal of almost all animals, except her relatives. For her, it is the purest tears. Jane Xi smiled and shook her head, slowly took off her dirty clothes, opened the lotus canopy, and the warm water flowed down her hair On the 16th of the first month, Jian Xinyan left J City, and Jian Xi is about to start school. The days returned to law and peace. In the twinkling of an eye, spring flowers bloom again. A few months later, the smell of spring is getting closer and closer. It seems that there is also the smell of spring in the wind, although the flowers are not open. The grass is not green, but the air has become warmer. The thick down jacket has been taken off and replaced with a thick windbreaker or small cotton padded jacket. Beautiful women want to change their winter clothes early. They look forward to the warm flowers in spring. You can wear colorful clothes. Unconsciously, Jane Xi has been reborn for three years. She gradually got used to this teenage body, and gradually got used to being surrounded by teenage classmates and friends. For men and women who were about the same age as her previous life, she had to call them uncles or aunts. She enjoyed her age very much. She stopped on the sidewalk, closed her eyes slightly, enjoyed the breeze with a little warmth, took a deep breath, and felt calm and at ease. She likes her life now and those who love her. I like the blowing wind, the roadside trees and the bustling streets In a few months, all the 27 drops of spiritual liquid that Jane Xi had lost had been recovered, and ten drops had condensed. Now it was 37 drops. She carefully experienced the vigorous spiritual power in her body. Jane Xi felt more comfortable in the spring breeze. Xinyu\’s has entered the realm of the Ninth level of Qi refining, and his spells are easy to practice. They have also practiced a lot of small auxiliary spells. Jian Xi can practice all the five element spells now. The scope is much better than Xinyu, who is mainly based on the ice system. Moreover, because his five elements can live forever, he does not encounter too many opponents, She wouldn\’t worry about the exhaustion of her spiritual power. She asked the power. At present, she couldn\’t find an opponent of the same level, so she didn\’t know how to do it. The second old man of the Jane family and Yuan\’s father and mother have also entered the third floor of Qi refining. People are more energetic. Although they have first and then when they advance, it\’s easy to calculate that everyone has entered the third floor. People also have some self-protection. After they enter the middle level, they can practice some simple spells and have more protection. During this time, Ruo Nan and Xin Wei became more and more eager to learn martial arts from Jian Xi. They grabbed her and Xin Yu every day to worship their master, which gave them a headache. Jian Xi secretly measured their spiritual roots, and both of them actually had spiritual roots. If the man was wood, earth and water, and fat Xin Wei was gold and earth, which surprised Jian Xi a little. Unexpectedly, they also had spiritual roots, Doesn\’t it mean that spiritual roots are rare among mortals? How come all the people around me have spiritual roots except cangjun? When it comes to Cang Jun, Jian Xicai remembers that Xin Yu said that he and Guan Fei have another baby. Cang Jun has obviously fewer times to return to Yuan\’s house. When it comes to these things, Xin Yu\’s look is a little gloomy. Jian Xi can only keep comforting him. These may be inevitable results. She sighed secretly Pulled back some off topic thoughts, she began to worry about whether to teach Xin Wei and Ruo Nan. After thinking for a long time, she didn\’t come up with a result. She didn\’t know whether the friendship of these teenagers could last long. After living for decades, she had some mistrust of human nature. But now she doesn\’t know any ancient martial arts except for only three martial arts skills. How can she teach them to cultivate immortals directly? She\’s not sure. She can only take one step at a time. As the warm spring breeze gently brushed her face, she thought about her mind. Suddenly, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly and her eyes narrowed slightly. Her divine consciousness had been placed on the 22nd floor of a high-rise building more than 1000 meters away. She keenly found that someone was observing herself with a telescope. This is the only thing that bothers her these days. There are always many people around her watching and observing her, but there are no other changes. These people are almost the same ancient martial arts. She doesn\’t know what\’s going on in the \”Tian\” family or whether these people are sent by the \”Tian\” family. They don\’t move, and she doesn\’t move. She just focuses on class and practice, She is trying to improve her strength. She doesn\’t know where the sense of crisis comes from. She always feels that time is very urgent, which makes her a little anxious from time to time. What makes her feel this way?


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