Li Si Nong knew that when he asked, he couldn\’t hide it from the old lady.

Thinking of this, tears have slipped down the corners of his eyes \”If only everything could come back, mom… I miss you… How are you in heaven? Son won\’t let you down. \”Xin Yu\’s original green eyes have begun to become deep. It seems that he can see the boundless starry sky behind the gray through his tent and through the dark gray sky in the rain. There should be a star there. Is it his mother? On the other hand, Jane Xi is also thinking about the adventure in the afternoon. She doesn\’t think that things in the afternoon will be unimaginable. Since she can be reborn, what else can\’t happen? which space? Now looking back, I feel that the space should be the tree hole of the conjoined tree. Otherwise, how can I explain why they haven\’t been anywhere? Why are raincoats in the tree hole? But that tree hole is not that big? And what a big space they entered? Is there a space array in it? Array? Yes, that can explain how she and Xinyu suddenly entered there. Yes! That lightning, it was the lightning that hit the tree. It should have touched some prohibition. They were inadvertently involved in the tree hole. As for Xinyu who came out or went in, he would faint every time, and he was just dizzy. It should be because he had begun to practice Kung Fu, but Xinyu didn\’t have any Kung Fu at all. In this way, everything can be explained. As for why there are these things in it, which ancient power should inherit them? This is not what she can know for the time being. But when lightning struck the tree, why didn\’t it collapse at the first time, but it shook and collapsed after taking away all the things in the hole? Now think about it, the big tree broke and fell. It should not be knocked down by lightning, but related to what you collected? I took away several things, but what is it? Stone platform? Shining pearl? Two jade boxes? \” In this way, the process should be more reasonable. Just for a moment, she can\’t find the reason why the conjoined tree fell, so she doesn\’t tangle anymore. After all, now is not a good time to find the answer, and it\’s impossible to practice. It\’s better to sleep and keep her spirit. Looking at Grandpa Jane who breathed evenly, Jane regretted pulling the quilt corner, closed her eyes and soon fell asleep The rain stopped at midnight. Chapter 33 morning exercise (for recommendation and collection) The next day, as soon as it was light, Jane Xi woke up. She went out of her tent, stretched herself to the still blue sky, and took a few deep breaths of the incomparably fresh fragrance of plants and trees. The woods near and the mountains far away were steaming with gauze like mist in the cool morning after the rain. The whole world seemed like a fairyland, It\’s a sunny day with a high sun. You can\’t see it if you want to. Then she climbed onto the big stone supporting the plastic shed on one side and looked into the distance. Although the sky was already dawn, the sun had not yet risen. Jane Xi looked to the East and stretched out her arms. She felt as if she had embraced the mountains. For a while, she sighed, \”how beautiful!\” and then sat down with her knees crossed towards the East, with her back to the tent. With a trace of orange red on the horizon, the purple light seeped out. Jian Xi felt that the purple light spots around her seemed to be much more than before, and the white aura light spots were several times more. They rushed into her pores. With the circle of days running around, the aura in Dantian became stronger and stronger, Jian Xi felt that she was only a glimmer of opportunity away from \”Mu Sheng\”, but she couldn\’t go any further. Being anxious was useless. She could only use the skill again and again, washing the meridians, strengthening the liver and accumulating Reiki. Facing the East, the light of the rising sun shines on Jane Xi\’s bright and clean face. The whole person is plated with a layer of golden light. He first sees the thrilling beauty, which is suffocating beauty. But no one can see this scene. The whole person seems to have integrated with the mountains and the beautiful mountains in the morning. In the grass she couldn\’t see, a rabbit was also attracted by the purple air and spiritual light she pulled. Unconsciously, it approached the rocks where she sat, and even a small clump of weeds in the stone crack next to her was more crystal green and windless. When all the purple light spots disappeared, she stopped her work and stood up after experiencing the comfortable feeling of her whole body for a while. Before the fog dispersed, she took out the camera in her pocket and let the beautiful scenery freeze in the camera and remain. The fog in the distant mountains soon disappeared under the sunshine. The pure and fresh air and the beautiful scenery like a fairyland made her seem to be a little pure in her heart, and her eyes were more divine. The whole person seemed to have a little more ethereal breath. She was greedy to see the beautiful scenery for a while before she was ready to end. Even though she liked the pure air and dense aura here, she didn\’t forget, A man has been standing under the big stone for a long time. She turned and saw that Xinyu was looking at her thoughtfully. Yes, after Xinggong woke up, Jane Xi found a man standing under the stone behind her, looking at her quietly. She didn\’t disturb her, but just stood there quietly. From the sound of breathing, she had heard that it was Xinyu, her son.


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