Big girl, come and get rice! the old lady shouted Li Chengyue. She usually cooks again.

Originally, I just tried it. I didn\’t expect her to be fooled. Ha ha, what is the most hurtful thing in this world? Naturally, it is love… No matter how strong the ancient body is, it is not buried in the word of love. Feng Xuan faintly Smile.Open it to me! Lei Heng shouted, his voice full of supreme majesty.Yes! The eight quasi-divine emperors bit their heads, and showed their strength one after another, breaking into the sealed dragon tank.Om…The expressions of the eight quasi-divine emperors changed, and then they vomited a big mouthful of blood, and then there was a loud bang. The eight quasi-divine emperors were blown out of the secret palace one after another, and some even smashed the secret palace. There were a lot of cracks in the wall.Immediately afterwards, the sealed dragon tank slowly opened, the whole tank became transparent, and a beautiful shadow was completely exposed in front of everyone.Lei Heng took a deep breath at the same time.The other old men\’s eyes widened suddenly, and they looked at that beautiful shadow in awe-inspiring way. They had never seen what kind of stunning beauty, but compared with the beautiful shadow in front of them, those stunning colors were like dung.There is such a perfect person in the world… an elder couldn\’t help muttering. At this moment, his eyes were dull, and he had forgotten where he was.If I can get her, I am willing to give everything… the other elder nodded and said.suddenly!The peerless body in the tank suddenly opened his eyes, and the extremely dark pupils were so pure that they even moved many elders and elders, faintly giving birth to unbearable hearts, and some even stepped forward. After a few steps, he stopped in front of the cylinder.Is this what the ancient body is capable of? Lei Heng said solemnly.It\’s really scary.Fortunately, she hasn\’t grown up yet, otherwise, even if the three of us work together, we won\’t be able to suppress her. Yun Xianluo couldn\’t help but show solemnity. They were also affected, but the impact was not as great as the others, after all, they were once god emperors.I want her. Feng Xuan\’s eyes shone with a strange color.Also, after absorbing all her power, she will let you handle it. Lei Heng said.Yes. Feng Xuan nodded.boom……The Fenglong cylinder trembled, and the seal above it began to crack, and that peerless body was about to get out.


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