Liu Zhou is very well-known. Under the leadership of Qi Jie Xunyuan, most of the demons did not do anything angry and resentful except for some different cultivation methods, which gave the right way of the famous family an excuse to suppress the demons. However, some demons could not control their cultivation skills, which meant that they could not live in the sun, Just like Qi Jieshu\’s skill of picking Yin and tonifying yang, I don\’t know how many girls have been harmed. Less than half of the women he moved have died because of excessive loss of Yin yuan, some have committed suicide, others have been paralyzed in bed all their lives, and others

Because of me… Shanghai was startled.Watch it for yourself. Wu Tian disappeared in place, without explaining anything.Little man, you planted a seed in her heart… Zihu is a woman, how can you not see Wu Tian\’s thoughts on Shanghai? Although she is one of the most powerful, she is also a woman , As long as it is a woman, she will not be truly extinct.Seed… Shanghai out……The surroundings changed, I saw all the scenery flying by, I saw a huge Ice Crystal Emperor Palace appeared in front of my eyes, underneath was the endless ocean, and it was the already broken Extreme Ice Emperor Palace and the Extreme Ice Sea. In this Extreme Ice Emperor Palace.A figure slowly appeared. This person was covered with ice crystals and snow, and his face was as cold as ten thousand years of ice. There were diamond-shaped imprints like ice crystals on the center of his eyebrows, protruding out of the skin and spreading to his chest. People are not others, just Leng Yihang.The moment Leng Yihang saw Leng Yihang, Shanghai was stunned. Didn’t Leng Yihang break through the void long ago, and the old immortality, and the four demon emperors left? Why did you come here? Immediately, I suddenly remembered that Leng Yihang was the supreme Dragon Evil, and it was not surprising to be able to separate a part.At this moment, Leng Yihang stared at the direction of Lingshen Island with extremely cold gaze, with an extremely vigorous fighting spirit burning in his eyes.In Lingshen Island!A figure appeared out of the sky. This person was wearing an extremely dark ancient armor, and his whole body was filled with palpitating physical strength. This person is not someone else, but Shanghai himself, passing through the extremely dark streamer, that is the ultimate goal. Signs of ancient demons.Looking at the self that appeared, an inexplicable connection surged in Shanghai\’s mind, and then a powerful attraction came, and all consciousness was sucked into this body.Why are you here? The body made a voice, a little trembling.Because of fate, we will never be able to escape the fate. I am the descendant of Longxie Supreme, and you are the heir of Emperor Huntian.Leng Yihang slowly said, \”This is doomed. Only one of us will survive forever, or both of us will die…\”It\’s the Emperor Huntian again… The body said solemnly, \”Don\’t we have the choice to be caught? It must be life and death?\”There is no choice! Leng Yihang said coldly: \”Either you fight with me, or everyone on Lingshen Island has to die…\”The extreme ice sea area surged, and endless ice beasts poured out. The number of these ice beasts almost covered the entire extreme ice sea area, surrounding the Lingshen Island.War… well, as you wish. When the body moves, the endless physical power is like a tens of thousands of stars running rampant, and the extremely dark streamer fills the world. Shanghai can feel how terrible the power contained in the body is. Not much weaker than the god emperor.At this time!


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