\”What\’s the matter with coming in this time? Is it\” Jiannan said, pointing to the huge tiger corpse not far away.

This is like an Asuka who has been imprisoned for a long time, hoping to fly out of the vast world to see it.Will the Nuwa God and Demon Palace not let you out? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Don\’t let… In 200,000 years, I have only been out three times. The first time was when I was one hundred thousand years old, that is, in the ancient times… The second time was the same, and the two times I went out, I was asked to kill people. …… Lan Yanyun\’s tone was filled with disgust.You don\’t like killing people?No, I don\’t like… Lan Yanyun said.Then why don\’t you leave the Nuwa Palace of Gods and Demons? With your strength, you can go anywhere you want. Shanghai said.Lan Yanyun is a figure of the quasi-god emperor level. Although he is the descendant of the gods and demons and the ancient star beasts, the strength of these characters is also extremely terrifying. If they want to leave, who can stop him?I can\’t go… Lan Yanyun\’s tone became low.why?The Nuwa God and Demon Palace has a way to control me. Even if I leave, they will find me. I ran twice before. After I was captured, they extracted a part of my soul. I am so painful… Lan Yanyun said here, her voice trembled, and there was resentment hidden in the depths.Part of your soul is controlled by them? Shanghai asked in amazement.Yes. Lan Yanyun replied.Are you taking your soul back, they can\’t help you? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Well, if I can take back my soul, Nuwa God and Demon Palace can\’t control me, then I can go everywhere. Do you have a way? Can you help me? Lan Yanyun said to the back, with a tone of voice With a trace of plea, there is still a deep hope. After all, it is the first time that she can communicate with people, and Shanghai feels quite good for her, at least a very good impression.I can help you, but I can\’t do it now. The Nüwa God and Demon Palace is too deep, and I can\’t do it temporarily with my ability. If one day I can reach the level that I can compete with the Nüwa God and Demon Palace, I will definitely Help you, Shanghai said.Really? Lan Yanyun looked extremely excited.of course it\’s true.Thank you, my friend. After receiving confirmation, Lan Yan was even more excited.boom……The void in the north was shattered again, and a huge palace burning with six-colored flames emerged from the sky, and the terrifying heat quickly melted the void and the earth.


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