Jianxi\’s purpose is to use the elixir herb, as well as some needed demon inner alchemy and other materials that can be used for alchemy, such as blood, gland sac, animal bone, and other parts that can be used as medicine. Anyway, as long as she can refine elixirs, especially the five-level elixirs, Jane Xi doesn\’t refuse to come. She has some miraculous herbs for refining five-level elixirs, but there are not many. Even she has some level-6 miraculous herbs, but there are not all varieties and lack a lot of materials. Therefore, it is necessary to buy them, because this is the quickest way to get these materials. If she collects them herself, I don\’t know how long it will take to collect it.

There are many treasures of Shanghai in the ring of Tiangang, as well as the top barren pattern. This thing is one of his biggest cards. If it is lost, it will be quite troublesome. There are still transmission cracks in the void that have not disappeared. Shanghai Judging the general location he sent out from it, and searching within a million miles of this location.However, after searching dozens of times, he still couldn\’t find the ring of Tiangang.Could it be that it was lost during the transmission…Shanghai\’s heart sinks slightly. If so, the possibility of finding the ring of heaven is too small. If it is transmitted from the middle level of the gods, it is equivalent to destroying an entire domain, and if it falls during this period, it will fall in a certain part of the spiritual domain. The place is okay, at least there is still a chance to find it, but if you fall outside the territory, the chance of finding it in this life is extremely small.Without giving up, Shanghai continued to search and expanded the scope to ten million miles, but after searching for a circle, he still couldn\’t find it. Obviously, the Tiangang Ring was lost, and my heart sank slightly.I\’ll look for it slowly in the future, first find a place to rest, and then inquire about the whereabouts of Ningxue and the others… Shanghai Xin said.suddenly!There was a wave of violent fluctuations in the distance. I saw the impact of power from time to time in the void. There was also the low roar of the beast. There was someone fighting. Although far apart, Shanghai was still able to Feel the severity of the fight.After staring for a while, Shanghai was about to leave. Now he can\’t use a single cent of his cultivation strength except for his physical strength. Once he gets involved, it will inevitably be very troublesome.At this time!The fight in the void in the distance became clear from haziness, and I saw a huge seven-headed body with a one-horned, fierce beast like a dragon surrounded by three figures. It was the three brothers and sisters of Di Luo. At this moment, the three of them couldn\’t cope , Di Luo Ye has been cut a wound on his body.Gu Jiao…Shanghai recognized at a glance that this was one of the unique fierce beasts of the Primordial Era. The strength of this fierce beast was average. What was terrifying was their physique. It\’s a fierce beast, it\’s extremely difficult to kill.One is difficult to entangle, let alone seven heads.Although the strength of the three Di Luo brothers and sisters is not weak, they can only break some of the scales of the ancient dragon with all their strength. The siblings are at stake.suddenly!An ancient dragon drilled out from the back, and the sharp corner of the head hit Di Luo Zi\’s back. At this moment, the three of them were dealing with the ancient dragons in front and left and right, as if they did not expect that ancient dragon would attack from behind. , When the three of them reacted, the sharp corner was only one foot away from Di Luo Zi.Little Zi, run away…Hurry up… Di Luo Xuan and the others changed their expressions and hurriedly roared.But!


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