When you refine the broken thunder pill yourself, you can also refine three circles of pill halo. However, the number of times is pitifully small. I don\’t say that I can\’t refine it every time. Even if it is refined, there will be at most two three circle pills and only one more. I can\’t say how often I will meet you.

The sky disappeared, and the body of the man full of evil shook slightly.Immediately after that, the three god kings who shot were stiff, and the power of the attack and killing that was about to be played was gradually weakened. His flesh and blood quickly turned into a cloud of blood, and penetrated into the nose of the man full of evil spirits, the latter\’s eyes flashing with a little enjoyment.Look at the three god kings, they have turned into bones…Seeing this scene, Ji Ya and Mu Ningxue\’s two daughters suddenly turned pale, their beautiful eyes were full of shock, because from beginning to end, they didn\’t see how the evil man made his hand, just standing in the original position. The ground, the nose moved, the three god kings would be killed, which is incredible.Because that evil man, from beginning to end, only the high-level god general level.Shanghai\’s expression became serious. Ji Ya and the other two couldn\’t see it, but he could see it, and there was a violent shock in his heart. It\’s not that the evil man didn\’t make a move, but that his move was too fast, and it was almost astonishing. , Only when the perception is sharp to a certain level can it be caught.The three simple and direct hand knives were slashed on the three god kings, and the speed has reached a speed close to a million times. This is the limit speed that the god king level can reach, and it will appear in evil spirits. On the man.Of course, this is the shot speed, not the body speed.This is the strength of the fourth king of the Primordial King, the Evil King. This person inherits the inheritance of the Primordial God Emperor Evil. No one knows how much inheritance he has, and he is ranked among the four Primordial Kings. Fourth, there are three better than him.There is even stronger…Ji Ya\’s expression changed slightly. She is a god king, and she naturally knows how big the gap between the high-level god generals and the god kings is. If one is the earth, then the other is the sky. Of course, this limit is also true. It\’s not unbreakable.Like some people who have spent their entire lives before entering the god king, such as the great deacon of the temple of Gantian, who has practiced for more than 60,000 years, and when his life is about to run out, he entered the realm of the god king. Such a god king, The potential is exhausted, and among the many gods, it is at the bottom.Although such a character is a god king, he may also be killed by some high-level god generals with extreme abilities. For example, the core young powerhouse of the Tianyu Imperial Palace, after reaching the high-level god generals, will already have it. Comparable to the ability of the lowest god king.But!These three god kings are not at the bottom, even if they are not different from Ji Ya, who has not yet stepped into the Hall of Falun Gong before, they are even stronger. And such a character, the three of them work together, actually All were killed by one person in a second.And this evil king is still the weakest among the four Primordial Kings. How terrifying is the strength of the remaining three?Thinking of this, Ji Ya\’s heart trembled slightly. Although she is the lord of Qingyin Palace, she practiced all the year round and rarely touched foreign affairs. Over the years, her limited scope was too small. What she knew was even worse. Not as good as Shanghai, for a while, she really couldn\’t accept that there would be such a terrifying high-level god.This is only a high-level god general, what if it reaches the level of a god king? Wouldn\’t it be a first-rate figure comparable to the gods? Fortunately, there are not many such characters, and there are only a handful of them.Where are the other three Primordial Kings? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.The shock this evil king brought to him was indeed not small, but it was only a shock. Shanghai did not feel too much about the rest, because the quasi-god emperor Cang Xuan had done even more things before she became the quasi-god emperor in the past. Shocking is far from being comparable to the Evil King.


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