\”Well, someone outside the guild wants to see you. I don\’t know whether you see or not?\” Lu Fang asked.

Obviously, Tyrannosaurus is undergoing transformation.呲…Shanghai slashed his wrist and swept over the eggshell, and then the blood poured down wildly and sprayed on the eggshell. At the same time, his mind was injected into the blood, and all his powers, including the soul The imprint of implication.When everything was done, Shanghai\’s complexion turned pale, but the blood and heart had been completely injected into the Tyrannosaurus rex, so that it would prevent the Tyrannosaurus rex from being difficult to tame after transforming into Longpeng. After all, Longpeng was born with a very violent temper.Chapter 1359 Eternal Dragon TurtleNow is the time when Long Peng is relatively weak. Pouring his blood and mind, as well as the imprint of his soul, can tame it, or wait for it to completely transform, and if you want to tame it, you won’t be able to tame it.Possibly, Long Peng was too arrogant by nature and would not obey the rest of the creatures at all.Only when he is weak can his mark be tamed.The Tyrannosaurus rex is in the process of transforming. How long it will take is currently unclear in Shanghai, but it shouldn’t wait for hundreds of years. It will be able to break out of the shell within a period of time. Immediately, he opened the Tiangang ring and gave this huge egg. Take it in.Where are we going now?Go back to the Temple of Dry Heaven first. Shanghai said.Um!Jiji and Lanyi naturally have no objections. It is correct to return to the Temple of Heavenly God, because if you are outside, it is difficult to guarantee whether you will encounter the ancient strong, if you encounter such a strong spear, or such a strong ancient. , It would be quite troublesome.Afterwards!The three returned and swept towards the Temple of Dry Heaven. They planned to go to the nearest power and use the teleportation array to return to the Temple of Dry Heaven.suddenly!The void in the distance burst suddenly, and a giant dragon turtle emerged, covering a large number of palaces and mountains above it. The size of this dragon tortoise is too huge, it is more than 30,000 miles wide, and it has a whole body of tortoise shell. It is full of ancient lines, and the vicissitudes of life and simplicity emerge on his body, and I don\’t know how long he has lived.And the momentum of this dragon tortoise is extremely terrifying, much stronger than the golden winged roc. There is a unique mark on this dragon tortoise, which is indeed the symbol of Tianyu Imperial Palace.Eternal Dragon Turtle of Tianyu Imperial Palace… Lan Yi was stunned, and her beautiful eyes immediately revealed a touch of joy. Although she was ranked first in the Tianyu Temple in the Tianyu Temple, she had already been entered into the Tianyu Imperial Palace. Among them, and followed the Night God King to practice.The Wangu Dragon Tortoise is one of the god beasts of the Tianyu Imperial Palace, and now it has been sent out… Ji Mie also showed a look of surprise.


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