Watching Jian Xi walk to the door and start the array, Xiao Siyu obediently sat on the bed and began to practice.

Well! Although most of my Dingtianfeng inheritance is missing, there are still some unique methods left, but they have special effects and are not very useful for enhancing strength. However, this unique method is my Dingtianfeng past years. Left by a great sage.Zong Wenbo said: \”There is one method, but I have to try it, but I have to be in Dingtianzhu Peak and try it with Dingtian Zhenyi.\”In Dingtian Peak? Shanghai was surprised.Well, this Dingtian peak was cast by the ancestors of the great sages. It is said that the ancestors of the great sages retrieved a strange peak from the depths of Huangyu in the past. The ancestors of the great sages burned the inheritance into Dingtian, but unfortunately my aptitude is too dull to comprehend those inheritance…Only I have learned some special methods.Zong Wenbo\’s expression was full of regret, \”I only hope that in the future someone will be able to realize the inheritance and shine on our Dingtian Peak.\”Definitely, Shanghai said.The inheritance of the quasi-divine emperor left over from the immemorial times is still carved in this Dingtian Peak. As long as Dingtian Peak is not destroyed, this inheritance will not decline. It will appear in the future, but it will be sooner or later. , But there is a glimmer of hope in Shanghai\’s heart.Let\’s go! Zong Wenbo walked ahead.Soon, the two came to Dingtian Peak. This peak is not big, but it is very high. Even if Shanghai looks up from the bottom, it is very difficult to get the top. I am afraid that Dingtian Peak has penetrated into the sky, and there is An ancient bronze door has long been rusty, as if it might break at any time.However, Shanghai feels that this ancient bronze door is just like this, and it has been like this since the time immemorial.Zong Wenbo walked to the door and made several special marks, and then ancient lines appeared on the ancient bronze door. Under the crisscross pattern, the door slowly opened. Inside, there was a one hundred feet long and wide. Stone room.A table, a stone bench, and a bed, all made of Dingtianfeng stone, looks extremely rough, but every line seems to contain a unique charm, and on the four walls, there are Quite a few water chestnuts, unlike the secret records covered with ancient patterns in the imagination, there is not even a notch on the top.This is the sacred place of our Dingtian Peak. The table, stone benches, and the bed here were all cut out by Daxian in 100,000 years, while this stone room took 500,000 years to complete. There is no last writing on the top, but every pattern and every water chestnut is actually the inheritance left by Daxian specially.Zong Wenbo said: \”Only the peak masters of Dingtian Peak in the past know this. The rest of the people, even the masters of the Qiantian Temple come in, can\’t get a glimpse of the mystery.\” After speaking, his tone was full of pride. Lulu, being able to become the peak master of Dingtian Peak, is a commendable glory in his life.Shanghai didn\’t speak, but watched quietly. He who possessed the heavenly consciousness could feel the difference between these lines and the nuances in the stone room, full of majestic feeling, although only a hundred meters, but like being in the body In ten million feet.Sit on the table. Zong Wenbo said suddenly.table?Well, this table is a wonderful treasure, and the secret method is burned in it, and the effect will be better with its auxiliary activation. Zong Wenbo said.Chapter 1310 Another CrisisStaring at the table, Tianjue is completely opened. Shanghai can only feel the extraordinaryness of the table, but it cannot penetrate it. There seems to be a special power contained in it. It is not the power of the quasi-divine emperor. He can be sure, because He himself had the inheritance of Quasi-God Emperor Cang Xuan, and if there were any other Quasi-God Emperor powers contained in it, he would definitely be aware of it.


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