\”I didn\’t expect – we are so similar in life.\” Qi Jiexing didn\’t expect that the girl\’s experience was so similar to her own.

suddenly!A figure broke through the air, with countless primordial yin spirits surrounding him. This person\’s left arm was missing, and his robe was broken a lot, making him look quite embarrassed. Shanghai stopped at the same time as the visitor, staring vigilantly. other side.Smelly boy…old man……The two glared at each other, but because of their fears, they both chose to stop where they were. Shanghai is naturally afraid of the Nantian boss, who is more than one level higher than himself, and the Nantian boss is afraid of the mysterious air in Shanghai.No way? Shanghai spoke first.The old Nantian snorted coldly and did not answer, but Shanghai also noticed that there was indeed no way, otherwise the old Nantian who swept forward would have already swept out of the intersection and there was no way to go. , The poisonous dragon cloud world has changed.There are poisonous clouds all around, Shanghai noticed, Some poisonous clouds are quietly changing their inherent appearance and position. They were originally difficult to identify, but now they have changed. It is almost impossible to identify them. Moreover, he also felt that he was following the poison. The change of the cloud slowly plunged into the depths of the poisonous dragon cloud world.Not only Shanghai, but Nantian Boss also noticed it, and his expression became more uncertain. The two immediately looked at each other. Although they didn\’t say anything, they knew each other well. If you want to go out, it\’s impossible to rely on individuals alone. , Once deep in the poisonous dragon cloud realm, even the gods will not be able to escape.What\’s more, now the old Nantian is also seriously injured, if it weren\’t for the spirit-recruiting banners, it would be difficult to deal with the poisonous dragon and snake king.Boy, do you want to die? Nan Tian said in a deep voice.What do you want? What do you don\’t want? Shanghai asked rhetorically.If you want to die, just wait for death here. If you don\’t want to, just listen to the gods. The grievances I waited before can be wiped out, but you must obey my words to do so, so that you have a chance to live. Old Nantian said in a deep voice.Follow you? Shanghai laughed, \”You think it\’s pretty good. You want me to help you attract the Dragon Snake King, and then you wait for the opportunity to make a move. Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone. You can eliminate the Dragon Snake King and capture me. It\’s annihilated.\”When his mind was broken, Old Monster Nantian\’s face suddenly became cloudy and uncertain. He didn\’t expect the boy in front of him to be so difficult, he really wanted to slap him to death, but the other party has something terrible enough to threaten him. Make it difficult for him to start.Then what do you say? Old Monster Nantian took a deep breath.Naturally, the two are in parallel, so that the poisonous dragon and snake king will not be defeated individually, and we can also have a lot of opportunity to leave alive. Shanghai said.also.Old Monster Nantian hesitated for a while, nodded, and immediately remembered something, and said in a deep voice, \”If it doesn\’t come out… Wouldn\’t it be poisoned here.\”


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