\”Five of these six people are Yuan Ying\’s cultivation accomplishments, and the one behind didn\’t do it. It seems that it should be the monk in the period of out of body, which is not something we can deal with,\” said Shangguan Po calmly.

In an instant, Old Monster Nantian had recovered to 50% of his peak power.Come over to the god general! The Nantian old monster was caught in the air, and a terrifying capture force captured an old monster.The old monster fought hard to resist, but the power of the two was too different. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn\’t break free, and could only watch himself fall into the hands of the Nantian old monster.Dead! Old Monster Nantian let out a low growl from his throat.Wow!The old monster was torn to pieces on the spot, and his body was instantly incinerated into fly ashes.Another dead…Gongsunhai and the other old monsters panicked. They looked at each other and gritted their teeth. The four remaining old monsters slammed away and flew towards the depths of the entrance. Obviously, they knew that even if they joined forces desperately, Can\’t deal with Nantian Boss, it\’s better to fight.call out……Hei Mang came here, this time it was much more terrifying than any previous shots. The four bosses could not hide, and tried desperately to resist, but he still couldn\’t stop Hei Mang\’s slaughter and was stranded on the spot. For the fragments, only Gongsun Hai escaped alive, but his right arm was broken, and he fell to the ground together with the storage bracelet.Realizing that flying inside again would be a dead end, Gongsunhai turned his head and swept away from the cave. In a flash, he had already escaped from the cave. The top-tier gods desperately escaped, even as a god. Jiang\’s Nantian boss wanted to hunt down this person, and he had to work hard.Pause!There are only Shanghai and Nantian Boss left in the entire passage. It is not that he does not want to escape, but because he has been locked by Nantian Boss. Even if he escapes, his own speed will not be able to get rid of the god-level Nantian. Boss.Moreover, if you flee outside, you will definitely die faster.Shanghai stared at the Nantian Boss, and fifty-three leechworms lurked around in divine thoughts. As long as the mind moved, they would immediately pounce on them.By now, you are still so calm…The old man Nantian stared at Shanghai with hatred and consternation in his expression. The reason he hated him was that most of his injuries were caused by Shanghai, and the consternation was Shanghai’s performance at this moment. Appears extremely calm.This calm posture is surprising.If you change to the Nantian boss himself, facing a god general at the level of the third world respect, and the other party wants to kill himself, it is absolutely impossible to maintain such a calm attitude.Can you live without being calm? Shanghai asked rhetorically.


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