\”Linger\” brilliance stopped her sister and gave her a look you know, which reminded Hua linger of her brother\’s warning before and immediately shut up.

However, envy belongs to envy. They also know that it was only obtained by Shanghai after comprehending the Nine Swords of Taishi. If they could also understand the Nine Swords of Taishi, they would also have the same treatment. Therefore, this can only be said to be an individual. It\’s just a chance.These conditions are smashed, let alone the cultivators and the disciples of the ancient Xuanzong, even the disciples of the other first-rate sects will immediately abandon the original sect and rush here, because these conditions are too tempting, any young The strong cannot resist.I\’m really sorry, I really have a mentor here, and I won\’t join the Ancient Xuanzong. Shanghai said without hesitation.Entering the ancient Xuanzong, although you will be well-trained, you will also be restrained, and you will no longer be able to do it at will in the future.Turned it down again…The disciples of Ancient Xuanzong and more than 20 cultivators in the distance felt that they were crazy, or the world was crazy. Faced with such heavy conditions, Shanghai actually refused. The position of chief disciple, but the next supreme master One person.Leaping into the Dragon Gate, becoming the lord of a sect, and ordering the heroes, this is something that many people can\’t ask for, not to mention there are so many follow-up conditions, these conditions are enough to make hundreds of millions of cultivators go crazy, and there are people who will. Choose to decline.If the Sect Master and the elder were not present, I am afraid that the disciples of Ancient Xuanzong would have rushed to catch Shanghai and beat them up.The faces of the gods and elders who were present sank, and the expressions of Shanghai were extremely determined. Obviously, none of these things could touch this person.Brother Lin doesn\’t want to join my clan. Is it because he is worried about being bound by clan rules? If that is the case, then he should not be the chief disciple. As long as he is the head of my clan, I don\’t know what Brother Lin wants? Little brother, you abide by the rules of the clan and don\’t need to be ordered by anyone. The rest of the conditions I promised remain unchanged. As long as Brother Lin tries his best to help me when my clan is in trouble. Gu Tianya said.The other gods and elders nodded slightly and turned their eyes to Shanghai. This was their biggest concession. After all, Taishi Nine Swords came from Ancient Xuanzong. If Shanghai ran to join the other sects, it would be equivalent to hitting Ancient Xuanzong in the face. NS.All right! Just do what the senior said.Shanghai nodded. This doesn’t count as joining the Ancient Xuanzong. If you don’t choose, you might really liven up these gods and elders, and you will be troubled by then, and with your current status, it’s easier to check the whereabouts of your parents. Much.Okay! Come here, take Lin Taishi to rest first, and the sealing ceremony will be held tomorrow. Gu Tianya said.Yes!A deacon quickly stepped forward.Afterwards!Gu Tianya left with the same gods and elders, and left the rest to the first Elder Li and others to deal with.After this uproar, many deacons and disciples, as well as more than twenty cultivators stared at the Taishi god pattern more intently. Shanghai comprehended the scene of Taishi’s nine swords and deeply carved it into their hearts. I don\’t expect to be able to comprehend Taishi Nine Swords, but as long as he can comprehend even some, he can receive better treatment.However, how could the Taishi divine pattern be so easy to see, almost everyone\’s eyes were sour, and they couldn\’t see the Taishi divine pattern.


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