Jane Xi was not surprised. She took Xiao Siyu and asked for a room with the waiter. Xiao Siyu ate in the room. The prepared food Jane Xi took out was still steaming. After eating, she called Xiao ER and prepared a bath bucket to bathe Xiao Siyu.

Brother Zhan Tian, ​​wait a moment. Suddenly Yi Yi shouted.good!Ling Zhantian stopped.Although the two are separated by an unknown number of years, they are still worthy of the same generation.After the rest of the people retreated, Zhu Yi said: \”The battlefield of the gods has been reopened today…\”It\’s turned on…Ling Zhantian thought of something, his face suddenly changed, \”Hao\’er entered the battlefield of the gods, wouldn\’t he want to walk out today…\” Now Zhonghuang is not the past. Except for the four guardian holy places, there are hundreds of other places. A strong man in the small world, once Shanghai walks out of the battlefield of gods, he will die forever. When he thinks of this, his look is even more ugly.I hope he is safe…Zhu Yi sighed. Even if he rushed away now, it would be useless. The opening of the battlefield of the gods is not fixed. Unless you search the entire middle famine, it is difficult to find out.I see……Ling Zhantian’s cheeks beat a few times, and said nothing. Although he was worried about Shanghai in his heart, his worry was of little use. He was only praying that Shanghai would be out of danger and the best escape as soon as possible. In this case, the line of Lingshen might still be able to escape. Keep a bloodline and continue on.Boom…The sound of fighting came from outside the four guardian holy places, and I saw that hundreds of world powerhouses overwhelmingly had already been killed. Although there were only more than one hundred thousand, the impact was terrifying. The entire mountain top shook violently, and the knots arranged outside. Boundaries and formations shattered one after another.Of course, there are also a large number of strong men who have fallen.And on the edge of the four guardian holy places, there are a large number of strong men. These people are men and women, old and young. Everyone has a dignified look, and more of them are the raging warfare and the experience of the past ten years. , Has made them accustomed to wars of all sizes.call out……A huge bronze sword came out from the sky, and I saw a young man stepping on the huge sword, smashing like a meteorite among the powerful men of hundreds of worlds, followed by tens of thousands of powerful men. , Most of these people are very young, but there are also some older people.boom……A loud noise came from the other side, and only a man with a strong figure rose from the sky, hitting more than a dozen strong men from hundreds of worlds on the spot, and behind him, he also followed nearly ten thousand strong men. .Lingxuan sword, whoever kills more this time. The majestic man laughed.


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