Jian Xi saw that Jian Nan didn\’t want to talk about her grandparents, so she stopped asking, so she took out several jade bottles and put them in front of Jian Nan and said: \”Grandpa, these are my two refined broken thunder pills. What do you think? Four heats have been refined. Except for the failure of the first one, all the others have become pills. Moreover, the last one has become five pills, and three of them are unique.\” Jane Xi shows off happily. This is the first time she has refined the broken thunder pill that can make the yuan infant friars advance to the higher level! Both the pill completion rate and the quality are quite good, which makes her very proud now.

Along with the loud noises that shook the sky and the earth, the lone mountain turned into powder, and a star-like sphere emerged from the sky. The mysterious bronze beam of light rose into the sky and smashed the sky, like the terrifying power of the stars. The sphere exploded.A beam of bronze light blasted from it.Bang!The golden curved blade that was smashed into shattered on the spot, and the expression of Shenhai inside it suddenly changed. Because of the horrifying power from the impact, his body was suddenly broken, revealing the cyan ancient armor inside. This object was eight. The high-ranking artifacts quickly permeated the simple lines and combined into a powerful defense.Click…The cyan ancient armor suddenly cracked when it touched the bronze light.My divine weapon armor is broken… Shenhai\’s face was pale as paper, desperately instilling divine power to resist, but this power was too terrifying, straightAfter blasting through his supernatural defense, the unparalleled power hit his chest.puff……Shenhai spouted a mouthful of blood, which was accompanied by the fragments of internal organs, and the whole person flew out like a meteor, and hit the ground fiercely.The sphere burst out, and a figure slowly emerged, as thick as flowing water and the power of chaos, a black hair danced wildly, each of them contained a mysterious bronze light, the whole body was like a bronze body, full of ancient aura, It\’s like a god and a monster from ancient times, standing between heaven and earth.This person is just floating there, but it brings suffocating pressure to all the strong.At this time!The figure took a step.The heavens and the earth shook violently, although it was only a step, but everyone\’s hearts were raised in their throats.Could it be that the gods have entered the battlefield of gods? A strong man couldn\’t help but trembled, his chest seemed to be oppressed by a boulder, almost out of breath.Impossible, the gods cannot enter the battlefield of gods…Is it a powerful forbidden thing? some strong people speculated.Suddenly!The appearance of the figure is revealed, it is the face of a young man. Although it looks quite ordinary, the whole body exudes a unique temperament. It is a heart that makes everyone unable to resist and is born with it. The momentum of coming.


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