Everyone froze on the spot, and their expressions became extremely ugly. Although many people had guessed it, they still did not want to admit it after hearing this certain sentence. After all, the strength of the guards of the gods was already strong enough. , If another powerhouse of the second world respect level joins now, how much space do they have to survive in the city of God\’s Lin?Yilan\’s expression is also extremely dignified. If only ordinary guards came, it would be nothing more than the Second World Zun. Such a character is already qualified to ask for the commander of the guard. If such a character joins the side of God\’s Domain, the situation will be in the future. Presented an overwhelming situation.In an instant!The attendants and guards of the independent small world did not say anything again, and the original good mood was completely destroyed.Don\’t be discouraged, everyone, maybe there are powerful people in the independent small world. A tender and agile voice came. It was an iron-winged girl behind her who was talking. Her voice was soft and weak, plus the well-behaved And the exquisite face makes one can\’t help but take care of it.This iron-winged girl is an attendant, but her identity is quite special. She is Yilan\’s younger sister named Yi Meier.This sound was like a spring breeze, and the people who were in a depressed mood had improved a lot at this moment.Meier is right. There may not be strong people in the independent small world, but they have not appeared. Besides, we still have room for further improvement. As long as we work hard, we may not have the chance to reach the level of the second world respect. The white-faced man said loudly. road.Um!Everyone regained their spirits and nodded one after another.On the other terrace, some guards of God\’s Domain have been paying attention to Yilan and others.Huh? Why is Yilan this bitch\’s face not good-looking?Couldn\’t you find something? She is from the Wing Realm, where it is said that there is an ancient heritage and can see through some things. Many of the attendants and guards of the independent small world were discovered by her. This time, come here. It may be planning to discover some potential guys.Judging from her face, could it be…The man with a red mark on his eyebrows glanced around, and when he saw the luxuriously dressed man below, his expression changed slightly, \”How could it be him… how could he run to the city of God\’s Furnace in God\’s Furnace? Now?\” The tone was full of astonishment.Who? The others followed their gazes.Shenlong! The eyes of the man with a red mark on his forehead flashed.Shenlong?Never heard of it. The others shook their heads.You should know the True Nether Protoss? One of the three giants in Northern Xinjiang, Shenlong is one of the true descendants of the True Nether Protoss. In the city of God, this guy has already become a top guard, and it is said that he has already reached the level of the second world elder… the man with a red mark on his eyebrows said loudly.


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